Go global the easy way…with Inbound Marketing

Are you skeptical of the hype?  Nauseated with the incessant drivel about the promise of content marketing? You’re not alone.

But the problem is that so many “know it alls” (maybe more like ‘know nothing at alls’) are flapping their gums in an attempt to sound hip and/or keep their agencies viable.  There are very few veritable experts.

That’s why one of the best go-to-guys for Inbound Marketing info is actually a chemical engineer.  That’s right – the affable, cerebral and insightful Pete Caputa (@pc4media) talks straight about the science and metrics marketing in a way few others do.

What’s Pete predicting now?

If you’re like me maybe you’ve got scars from the acid burns where you couldn’t remember whether you add the acid, or add to the acid, to avoid the dreaded splash back.  Sometimes the basic rules get jumbled up (unless you really are an engineer!) and that’s why I track what Pete has to say.  It’s always a great combination of very grounded, metrics driven, fundamental tactical meat balanced with high level strategic perspective.

The Collaborative Growth Network article on inbound marketing that Pete posted on Wednesday is a perfect example.

Here’s why it’s great.  First, it’s a necessary reminder that not everyone yet realizes the enormous potential (and myriad benefits) of content marketing.  He lays out 9 more reasons why inbound marketing can & should be part of every company’s arsenal.

But what really got my blood pumping was Reason #7 – Global Opportunity, Business Growth & International Sales!

Shouting it from the Rooftops

global business developmentAt Consilium we’ve carried on about this global business development opportunity for a while – and we were starting to wonder if we were just way too early.  Maybe just a little early – and thrilled to read Pete’s take on the international angle.

He’s absolutely right.  Buyers are coming from all corners of the globe checking out what you are selling (the better your content the more they come.)

global inbound marketingBut are you listening?  All the metrics in the world won’t get you a piece of business if you don’t work it.  And if 30, or 50 or even 70% of your traffic is international, have you even thought about trying to sell to them, or do you treat those prospects and leads as wasted time?

And then taking it to the next level, if some of those leads are worthwhile, how would you work them, what regions seem to have the most interest/potential, and if you want to proactively develop that market, how would you adapt your inbound marketing to even more effectively mine that opportunity?

All good and reasonable questions – but here’s the bottom line.  There are answers to all of them.  And because it’s always the next question, yes, there are some risks (just like domestic business) but if you are aware of them you can mitigate them.

So the beret wearing artist may be a great coffee shop companion, but it’s time to start taking your marketing advice from an engineer!  Step up your inbound marketing and consider the enormous business growth opportunity that the 95% of the world’s consumers which lay outside the US offer.