This past weekend I sat down to record my video for today, and to be honest, I wasn’t completely thrilled with the topic I had chosen. But the moment I turned the video camera on, there was an interruption.

My dog, Shadow, decided that he wanted to get in on the action, so rather than stop the video and wait for him to find something else to do, I decided to go with it, and I changed my topic on the fly.

I decided to talk about the concept of inbound marketing and how our job as businesses is to “get found” online. And while we want to get found, we do need to make sure we’re doing it in an appropriate way. We shouldn’t mirror the tactics of most traditional marketing or advertising, and we certainly don’t want to do what Shadow did in this instance. But we do need to rise above the clutter and noise, while avoiding becoming an annoyance.

Now, understand that because this wasn’t the topic I had planned, the final product isn’t nearly what I would have wanted, but…I think you’ll still enjoy it, mostly because of Shadow, not me. And further down I’ll post another video I took afterwards of Shadow mauling his favorite toy.

Get found, but don’t get all up in their face!

Here’s the bonus video of Shadow and Mr. Bill hanging out.