inbound vs ppcWondering if Inbound Marketing is just a passing fad or flavor-of-the-month? Not sure if what you’re hearing about its power to attract prospects and turn them into leads is accurate – or even possible?

Well, if being featured in The New York Times is any indication, Inbound Marketing is here to stay. It works.

On Tuesday of this week, the paper published an article about the increasing cost and diminishing ROI of pay-per-click for small businesses, “Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of Pay-Per-Click.” The article highlights the struggles of a small vacation rental company managing 20 properties throughout the mountains of Georgia as it tries to grow its business. Having first relied on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to generate leads, the company saw some growth, but at an enormous cost.

The company’s owner was eventually convinced to try Inbound Marketing. By creating relevant content – primarily blogs on topics like where to find the best local fishing holes – and optimizing that content so search engines would find it, he was able to decrease his PPC costs while increasing visits to his website:

  • The company’s spend on PPC went from $140,000 a year to just $33,000 a year
  • Organic traffic shot up 91%
  • The number of visitors converting to leads increased 37%

It’s a great story, and one that’s not atypical of the results we see with clients committed to Inbound Marketing. Take a look at the article here, then take a look at our free download, Why Organic SEO Is Better Than PPC to learn even more on the topic.