Brightfire normally adds to the pile of New Year check-list resources at this most wonderful time of year.

(N.B. See if you can find the 27 festive song references – one in each paragraph)

This year, to save you from tears, we have gathered together some of the most prominent advice that is already out there.

So here it is, Merry Christmas, our distillation of the top 20 Google search results for ‘New Year marketing check-lists and we’ve found that the advice falls into two broad categories: Review and Plan.


Assets: Review all digital content pieces such as white papers, info-graphics, videos etc. to ensure that they are still rockin’ around the Christmas tree

SEO: a category in itself. Analysis and optimisation is an on-going task but now is a good time to deck your halls with boughs of SEO holly

Social: another category in itself. Important to identify trends and understand how well you are engaging your audience and bringing joy to the world of your target personas

Marketing Lists: do you still have permission to market to all your contacts? Perhaps you should be making a list and checking it twice and reaching out to all of them who have not unsubscribed to inform them of your communication plans for next year

Customers: did any of them respond to your marketing this year? If so then what was it that they liked? If not then it might be time to face unafraid the plans that you’ve made to communicate to your customers next year

Market: Have things changed in your market this year that would suggest you need to change tack next year? If they have changed then there comes a time when we heed a certain call to respond to market changes

Competitors: Have they changed this year? This is a good time pick-up on what your competition is doing well. If they are not doing well then tonight thank god it’s them instead of you.

Corporate: What internal changes have happened this year? Does your inbound content marketing strategy still have executive buy-in or has their support got stuck up the chimney?

Metrics/Trends: What did you measure this year and have any important trends emerged from the data that make you laugh and shout with glee? If not then have you been measuring the right things?

Target Audience: Review how your audience has responded this year and what content has been good for goodness sake. Does this have an impact on your understanding of who to target next year?

Website: How has your website performed this year? Are there any housekeeping issues to attend to so that from now on your troubles will be out of sight?

Offer: This is a good time to take a look at your offer. What is it that you are asking your audience to buy from you and has it proven to be in demand this year? What can you offer so that through next year you all will be together?

Projects: How have your projects run this year – are there any key learnings that will make you look to the sky with excited eyes and take the insights into next year

CTAs: It is worth paying some attention to the Calls to Action on your website and blog. Are they still relevant when it comes to your visitors? Perhaps it is the right time to mix and a-mingle them for the New Year?

Consistency: Does everything join up from search to social media to website and blog and email or are they all as solitary as Mr Grinch?


Buy-in : Recruit your executive board’s explicit support for the 2013 plan. Use sponsors where you have them and look to develop new ones so that next year’s marketing plan will put a great big smile upon somebody’s face

Goals: Ensure that the marketing goals are properly tied to the business objectives. If there is no connection in some of your plans then what a bright time, it’s the right time to revisit them?

Campaigns: What is going to excite and delight your audience next year? Answering this question could be your hardest marketing challenge of the season. But if you can do it then it will be a good one without any fear.

Calendar: At what pace do you need to move to meet your business goals? Line up your calendar with the revenue model and not just with the almanac then next year your days will be merry and bright.

Content: You have reviewed your assets now it’s time to think about the formats and stages that your funnel needs so that next year there’s no need to be afraid

Budget: If your goals are aligned to the company revenue targets then your budgets should be also – so don’t be afraid to ask your CEO to sign his X on the line for what you need

Holiday content: This is a good time to plan some communication over the festive period. Your audience might take some time out from their holly jolly Christmas over the holidays to check out your messages!

To say thanks: Make it personal with each customer so that they will be laughing all the way.

Outbound: Don’t forget this. Interesting that it took till search listing number 15 to find an outbound tip – Inbound is here to stay! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!