Last week, I was interviewed on SLMA’s radio program. The interview was conducted by their producer Paul and not James, the normal interviewer, because James was off on vacation. Because Paul is not the normal interviewer, he is not as aware about the latest solutions and technologies surrounding marketing and sales – such as marketing automation or lead management. And even more to the point Paul is old school (his words).

Turns out Paul is an old time PR guy. His frame of reference for most of what we discussed was in traditional mass media – newspapers, billboards, magazine advertising and more. I didn’t initially pick up on this at the beginning of the conversation until after his second question about what we (LeadLife) do. I went off discussing marketing automation, lead management, behavior tracking, content marketing, sales ready leads, etc .

Needless to say, Paul had to stop me. He wanted me to help him understand in laymen’s terms what we really do and why should a small business owner like himself care. So, that got me thinking…too many of us get caught up in our little world of lead management and marketing automation that we can’t often articulate the strong benefits that our solution provides to our customers in laymen’s terms.

Well here it goes…

Regardless of how much you know about marketing automation or lead management, if you are spending money on marketing and sales and are no longer receiving the revenue you need from that expenditure, then you could profit from a new lead management solution.

If you are spending more money on lead generation and you aren’t seeing the associated revenue out the backend – you should look into a lead management solution.

If you are hiring more sales reps yet the amount of revenue you gain isn’t paying for that expense – you should look into a lead management solution.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t educate yourself on marketing automation and lead management, you should. What I am really saying is that whether you understand all the nomenclature that vendors use or not isn’t important, what is important is identifying in laymen’s terms if you have the need for this solution.