The lead forms on your site are very important and often overlooked in terms of optimization. They are responsible for turning your website visitors into leads, and if your conversion rates are low then it is time to look at your lead forms and determine what can be improved to increase the number of leads your site produces.

When it comes to optimization most people focus on building links and creating content, but high search engine ranks and traffic don’t help unless you are generating leads. Use the following six tips to help improve your lead capture forms and start generating more leads for your business.

Improve Your Lead Forms With These 6 Tips

1. Make sure you have a very strong call-to-action

You need a headline on your lead form that captures attention and urges the visitor to fill it out. In our main call-to-action you will notice that we have “FREE Download” and also mention “Free Marketing Tips” to draw attention. Create a call-to-action that appeals to your target audience.

2. Keep your main lead form on the top of your page

Your main lead form needs to be at the top of your website so your visitors can see it as soon as they land and don’t need to scroll down in order to see it. When a user can see something without scrolling down it is referred to as being “above the fold.” If you include it lower on the page many will not see it. You want your visitor to land on your site and immediately see it and know how to complete your offer.

3. Don’t require information that you don’t need

If your lead form is too long or requires too much personal information your leads will be lower. This isn’t to say that you should just ask for an email address either. Some offers require different information. Our free eBook offer only asks for a name and email address, keeping it very simple. Our quote request asks for much more detailed information in order to generate higher quality leads. If you are building a list and then plan to filter it and push it though a conversion funnel you can get away with asking for less information. If you are focused on generating high quality buyer leads then you will need to request more detailed information.

4. Ask for information to help your sales team pre-qualify the lead

On our quote request form we ask for the full contact information of the business, along with the service they are interested in, when they are looking to get started, and what their monthly budget it. This allows the lead to be passed on to the right department so they can properly follow up with the lead. Don’t be afraid to ask for details that you need to properly quality the lead to make it easier for your sales team. If we didn’t ask for that specific information then our sales team would have to call each lead and ask those preliminary questions and then pass the lead off to the correct department. Asking for that information on the initial quote request form allows us to skip that pre qualification step and have the correct department do the initial outreach.

5. Use a customized submit button on some offers

Take a look at all of the offers within your industry. There is a good chance that 9 out of 10 will have a submit button that says, “SUBMIT” and this can be too generic. Our free eBook offer has “Request Download” on the button as it tied to the offer. If you are using a generic “Submit” button change it to match your offer. Something as simple as “Download Now” or “Sign Up” can make a big difference in your conversion rate.

6. Include an image of your offer in your form

Many websites will have lead capture forms that are all text and while they mention the offer there is nothing visual to entice the visitor. If you are giving away a downloadable product such as an eBook then include an image of the download in your form. A visual element will help increase your opt-in rate significantly.

Use these tips and make sure that you are converting the highest percentage of leads as possible. With all of the time and money spent on generating traffic to your website it is important that you take every step possible to convert that traffic into leads. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the online marketing services that we offer to help increase your website traffic, leads, sales, and revenue.