When it comes to marketing operations, everything we do is driven by the need to collect and harness data. A clean database is essential to successful marketing operations. But here’s the thing: have you ever heard of a clean database? Yeah – me neither.

Poor database health can have a crippling effect on your marketing operations. It’s an all-too-common misconception that if you throw enough technology at a problem, it will somehow resolve itself; however, this usually isn’t the reality. One of the most crucial elements to include in your marketing strategy is operational reporting. These reports give us two important types of information:

  1. The “usability” of your database – this is based on the completeness, organization, and standardization of your gathered data. Ultimately, these reports identify your true “Marketable Database,” which is the population you should be projecting and reporting against.Report Types include:
    • Standardization of key fields such as lead source, industry, job role, country, etc.
    • Completeness of basic prospect data points – first name, last name, email address, company.
    • Deliverability: Invalid/Inactive Emails – hard bounces, email addresses with erroneous characters or lacking @ symbols, duplicates, unsubscribes, no activity over time, and more.

  1. The “reportability” of your marketing initiatives for revenue attribution – This type of reporting tends to involve some documentation. Tracking platform integration performance, setup and organization compliance, and process efficiency are important for reinforcing your data management infrastructure and increasing the impact of your marketing automation software.Things to keep an eye on:
    • Consistent and correct use of naming conventions.
    • Consistent organizational foldering at both the platform and program level.
    • Program/Campaign setup – are builders including all elements necessary for effective program reporting?
    • Lead Scoring and Lead Lifecycle checkups – are leads moving through your programs at a rate you expect? Are there any bottlenecks?

The big bonus that comes from marketing operations reporting is that you will be alerted to cracks in your data management processes well before they negatively impact performance. By keeping an eye on these vital signs, you won’t feel like you’re constantly reacting to issues after they arise. By doing this, you enable your team to effectively manage the revenue funnel in a proactive manner.