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Technology is changing the way we all work, but one thing will always remain, who we are as people, human interaction and what we stand for.

Society is changing where people are interacting less and less. The LinkedIn invitations and encouragement to like and follow on other platforms presents us with a world where we are continually collecting numbers, for the sake of collecting numbers.

Putting technology to one side, the human dimension will always prevail, purely because we understand more when a person connects, delivers, interacts and raises a point of view. The point where things change is when others understand what you believe in, this is when you stand out from the crowd in your marketplace. The old world was once about being popular by fitting in, the new world provides opportunity to stand out.

A poll by YouGov earlier this year looked at the importance of trust, probably the most important intangible asset a business can possess. Small businesses have a clear advantage as the seed has already been sewn. More people trust small business to tell the truth when compared to big business. Within both 25-39 year olds and 40-59 year olds, the difference in trust and authenticity is huge.

This is where the opportunity lies. When a company makes a human connection, as opposed to a digital connection, we create a completely different platform to build a relationship. We treat those around us with dignity and respect (as opposed to being part of the herd with a LinkedIn invitation template). People want humanity and openness, not a special offer that runs out at the end of the month.

The digital connection has its role to play in terms of the ability to build a dialogue, but when we represent ourselves and what we believe in, it makes a connection even more transparent and clear for others to understand our point of view and why we are doing what we set out to achieve.

In a world where we now have different personas and platforms trying to make you into something else, the greatest achievement is to be yourself.