No one wants to be the very last person in a long game of telephone. By the end, when you blurt out whatever message was just whispered to you, there’s a disjointed feeling that comes along with it. It’s as if everyone else in the room is able to laugh at high volume with lots of passion, while you’re stuck in the corner producing a laugh that derives from–well, confusion. This is because we don’t strive to simply be influenced, we want to be the influencers ourselves. Think about it: it never stops being fun watching the word spread across the room, even when you’re within the first few people to spread it. In fact, that could be very best part about it because your mind is free to imagine all the possibilities of what the outcome will be by the end, all the while knowing exactly what you heard before you passed it along to the next person.

Influencer Marketing is intended for everyone’s use because we all have the power to influence. And, let’s be real: we want to succeed in our field of choice. Today, most people utilize technological resources and social systems to keep their daily tasks afloat. It’s literally the socially accepted form of doing business. Millennials are currently the prominent influencers for Influencer Marketing and they are killing the game. Technological advances over time aid in the success of practical Influencer Marketing–allowing newer, more interesting audiences to appear and be reached for everyone, not just Millennials. Technological advances, in various influencer platforms also have contributed to helping people find the perfect influencer.

This trend in social science is one that shouldn’t be ignored. There is plenty of evidence of its existence and its growing availability as a use for your specific personal and professional needs. You are bound be involved with Influencer Marketing on some level soon, so aim to be ready. You may already be involved and not know it–so wake up. Influencer Marketing is alive and it’s asking to speak with you. Can you hear the other end of the telephone line?