I used to be your typical affiliate marketer.

I spammed people without knowing that was bad.

I promoted junk products without thinking of the consequences.

I built a bunch of non related sites, and wanted to make fast money.

I really believed that making online cash was easy and comfortable.

Tired of the so called gurus, and their empty promises, I went ahead to create my own “system”.

I joined a dozen of affiliate programs (what a big mistake that was).

And I bought lots of products and services…

I thought this one’s going to finally make me rich, and on it went. There was a strong doze of adrenaline rush through my veins with each eBook purchased. I also loved the thrill of one time offers. I thought that I was missing on something, so I bought everything I could put my hands on, and read or tested almost nothing…

I was an info junkie back then.

And through some bad personal choices on top, I rapidly went $80,000 into debts. It hurt emotionally and even spiritually. It was a constant pain and struggle…

When you know there’s a ton of money to be made online, and others claim to make it, you have no good night sleeps. You stay up until 3 a.m. surfing the web, reading forums, checking emails, just to see where the money is hiding.

Some people work 16 hours a day like a dog, just to make a few extra bucks, while others spend less than 8 hours a day (even take one or two days off a week) and pull-in real money.

I thought there was something wrong there, and I kept looking.

Yea, I was obsessed with success…

And online marketing was my only option. I worked before at regular jobs, sacked from them all in the end. I had multiple duties and held numerous positions. I didn’t like my bosses; in fact, I despised pretty much all of them. I wanted to be my own boss, only I was told most business fail and that’s for dreamers.

So for years I was listening to the so called big gurus, and I was actually lead blindfolded.

I bought their products, thinking they’ll help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Boy I was wrong. All they wanted was my money, and nothing else mattered. They never followed up with me personally, getting in touch with them was impossible. It’s like they had my money, but now they don’t give a dam!

Gurus didn’t help. Their BS ebooks either… I had to continue digging. A few short years later I found a coach: a top affiliate back then who cared more about people and less about money. It was a different type of person to the individuals I was exposed to before.

This guy taught me everything he knew about associate programs and building a long sustainable business. He taught me two key ingredients to success. Which of course, lead me to build a top business that relies less on my time or my skills, and more on other people’s time and their skills… He taught me the power of Leverage!

Until then, I had been investing in marketing materials, and learning new skills…

Until I FINALLY found the secret…

What I’m about to share with you is nothing complicated, and something which I bet you’ve heard before. Please don’t neglect simplicity. In business, you have to keep getting simple things done, on a regular basis. Boring tasks like writing content and blog commenting. They have to be done, or your site won’t get traffic, and it won’t make money.

I used to think that there’s a push button money-making software that will get me out of debt.

I used to think that the Internet is a cash cow anybody can milk for everything its worth.

I was wrong. Just like you cannot withdraw money from your card, unless you know the right PIN, you cannot generate money off of the Internet unless you know the right code.

My affiliate coach back then, cracked the affiliate marketing code years before me. And he was leading a successful business. He taught me two big secrets, and I’ll share them with you now, I think you’re ready.


If you cannot discipline yourself to stop buying one book after another or join countless membership sites, you’ll have no time for building a site that makes you consistent money.

Focus on one (or two) associate programs and grow a single site was all that counted for me. When I put my undivided attention on one niche site, and drove traffic to it, money started to roll in. It was months after, but I started to see $20 and $50 pay days. A year later, and I was pulling-in a whopping $100 a day, in profit. Yes, $3k a month was pure profit (money I was left with, after expenses).

One site was making me enough money to be able to build the next one. I felt more compelled than ever to continue growing this site, and create new ones. The world was mine. Hurray!


I knew I would not be able to grow my empire all by myself. I had to delegate tasks and outsource content marketing and link building. I needed external and quality help. So the core of my business was set by investing in skilled people and content marketers.

My game plan for this year is simple, yet it requires extra money and extra effort.

With the help of my dedicated long time internet marketing partner, I will create…

  • 30 premium guest posts on other blogs… back-linking to my main site…
  • 30 articles on my unique HWA site… inter-linking my posts and helping me rank in the SERPs…
  • 200 (meaty) blog comments on other people’s sites, getting my name and brand out there, and helping improve my Google rankings naturally over time.

Are you ready and willing to put in the extra hours and re-invest your earnings back into your business?

Or will you do the same thing and expect to quit your job?

Einstein said it quite well: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is called insanity.“