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One of the biggest challenges for anyone considering tackling internet marketing today has always been the difficulty of gathering information, executing a strategy and understanding what works best and what is failing.

Six years ago, two young men just out of MIT understood your pain and created a solution that would allow small and medium businesses, a single consolidated software package to accomplish that lead generation and lead management.

Since it’s inception, their company, HubSpot has become the marketing platform of choice for over 7,000 businesses and that software has generated over 35 Million leads for them.

On September 1st of this year, HubSpot is releasing the most upgraded and integrated platform ever for inbound marketers of small and medium businesses.

An Intelligent Platform That Puts The Marketers in Control

The evolution of the HubSpot software (now referred to as HubSpot 3) is the result of the rebuilding and weaving together many of the single modules that were used previously.

Some of the existing modules are still current such as the blogging software, CMS, SEO tools and the Marketing Analytics.

What’s new or rebuilt in HubSpot 3:

  1. Contacts Database: Contacts is an ever-evolving information portal on a company’s audience (Prospects, Leads and Customers).
  2. Email: The email system is closely integrated with the contacts database, workflows social media, dynamic content and a company’s CRM system. It enables greater personalization and deliverability than ever before.
  3. Workflows: Workflows leverage the enormous amount of data in the Contacts database and a series of rules set by the marketer to create dynamically evolving segments and automate marketing actions. More than email automation, workflow enables marketers to trigger campaigns, change contact profile properties, score leads, send notifications, and sync to a CRM system based on when a lead has met a set of conditions.

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  4. Landing Pages: Landing pages have been rebuilt to be closely integrated with the Contacts database, CRM systems, email, dynamic components, and social media. Using the new landing pages marketers can build, implement, and measure a full multichannel campaign in one place. A/B Testing is built in (at the enterprise level) and the new landing page templates have responsive design to optimize for different devices and browsers. Because of Smart Forms and Smart CTAs, HubSpot’s landing pages are also among the most adaptive on the market.

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  5. Smart Fields: Smart forms adapt and minimize over time. As a company gathers contact information about a given lead, the forms remove fields that have been satisfied in past submissions, making for a better user experience. Smart CTAs: Built off the Contacts database, HubSpot 3 enables you to show images and CTAs that adapt to reflect the interests and stored qualities of the person viewing them.
  6. Smart Lists: Smart lists are continually evolving contact lists based on a set of criteria. Each time an individual meets the rules of a smart list, they are added. You can have an unlimited number of Smart Lists that are segmented based on the value of a contact property, being a member of a static list, or having ever filled out a specific form.
  7. Social Media: With a new integration directly into Contacts, HubSpot Social Media now enables you to view a lead’s social activity and create dynamic segments based on your most engaged social media followers. In addition to that functionality, called “Social Contacts,” HubSpot social media now has an in-app view of all your Twitter and Facebook interactions and enables you to respond, follow or other.

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  8. Mobile App: Available for free in the apple store, HubSpot has added a mobile application to enable marketers to keep tabs on their lead generation and customer conversions on the go. The mobile app includes a view of Sources, Marketing Grader and Contacts.
  9. Integration: HubSpot 3 brings you an even stronger connector than ever.
  10. App & Service Marketplace: First launched in 2011, the marketplace has now grown to include more than XX providers and XX add-ons to HubSpot. The marketplace aims to ensure that HubSpot users will be able to customize their HubSpot and never run out of functionality for their platform.
  11. Overall UX improvements: In addition to rebuilding portions of the product and launching new tools, HubSpot has made significant investment in the overall user experience within the platform. From the marketing analytics reports to the set-up process, it is a completely new and guided experience for users.(Source: HubSpot)

As an Inbound Marketing Agency and a HubSpot Partner, Go Time Marketing is very excited about this latest integrated release. Wondering what this means for your business? We would love to show you how inbound marketing can improve all of your marketing efforts. Just click below to get a free marketing evaluation for your business.

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