Storytelling is an engaging and fun strategy to adopt while marketing your business. No one knows this better than Howard Stern, the “King of All Media.” No matter what form of media you choose for your marketing efforts, if you can tell a story that will captivate your followers, you will earn their undivided attention and loyalty. Follow the Howard Stern blueprint to using storytelling as a marketing strategy and, like Howard Stern, you will gain many devoted fans.

Make Format Work for Your Story

The call-in format of Howard Stern’s radio show invites listeners to call in and share their stories with Howard Stern as well as everyone else tuning in to the show. These private stories build connections between hosts, callers, and listeners because the stories are about everyday issues that most everyone deals with at some point.

Howard Stern shines in radio format, and you can shine in any format you choose if you know how to use the strengths of that format to your best advantage to tell a story. You can tell a story in a commercial, on your blog, on your Facebook or Instagram, or on Youtube. Tell the story of how your company began or how your company touches lives of individual customers every day, and you will create a bond with your followers that will serve everyone well.

Ask Questions and Dig Deep

Like any successful media star, the most successful companies are the ones who aren’t hesitant to ask questions of themselves or others in order to get the most exciting angle for a story. When Howard Stern gets someone famous in his studio, he asks them questions that may make them uncomfortable, but that only adds to the value of his show because it reveals hidden aspects that people haven’t seen before. People and companies don’t make it big by “playing it safe” and sticking to neutral, predictable stories. Make it big by pushing the envelope and asking yourself and your customers questions that you know need answering, even if those questions raise topics that aren’t the easiest to broach. This probing will create dynamic, unique stories that will reveal valuable insight and give your company an edge in a competitive market.

Be Authentic

Howard Stern is funny, entertaining, and smart, but above all, he is authentic. He shares his genuine opinion about things, and he admits it when he doesn’t know or understand something. This makes him hugely relatable to his listeners, because it reminds them he is just a normal person like they are. Even though he makes millions of dollars through radio, TV and other media platforms, at the beginning and end of the day Howard Stern has a genuine passion for telling the stories of real life, and that genuine passion shows with every story he weaves with his co-hosts and guests. If you can give your company an authentic, unscripted voice, you are sure to experience similar popularity with your followers, because what they long for above all else is connection, not perfection.

Take Howard Stern’s smart, authentic and inquisitive approach to storytelling and you will be weaving the most unique, memorable stories that will ensure you always have devoted followers and a successful business.