YouTube recently unveiled their new Video Creation Marketplace which will monetarily benefit its content producers. The concept is to make the video makers work directly with advertisers to get a larger profit. Advertisers get to choose who they want to work with to help promote their product in a video.

The Video Creation Marketplace has the potential to give content producers a greater profit from their viral videos through partnership with companies. The YouTube marketplace makes it easier for advertisers to reach a target audience. By partnering with a content producer who users like they can get positive feedback and buzz on their product.

In this week’s episode of “The Future of Engagement,” Murray Newlands talks about YouTube’s new Video Creation Concept and its great potential.


  • YouTube’s Video Creation Marketplace
  • Content producers can successfully advertise their products.
  • New business interactions with advertisers

The social media monitoring tool Alerti was used to create the graph above. Alerti shows that on June 22nd the term “video content marketing” reached 4,500 mentions after a steady growth.

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