eventbrite_logo2Eventbrite.com is a site that businesses use as a platform to get their event seen to the group they wish to have their and to buy tickets through.

It is used by organizers all over the world, and businesses also can use this site to get the crowd they want to attend. But businesses need to go into Eventbrite with a proper strategy that will help them get the greatest amount of promotion for their event.

So what are these strategies? Take a look below to find out more.

Eventbrite is a platform that really allows for creativity and passion to come through the screen. When you sign-up to create an event you are allowed free rein to decide how your event will be shared with visitors, and businesses should take advantage of this fact. As with most anything else that is social media or Internet advertised, you need to show off your graphic savvy and catch the eye of potential joiners. Don’t just create another event that people in your business have to go to. Make them want to attend. You can do this by sharing exciting topics you will discuss at the event, or perhaps what your event aims to accomplish, like in the case of a fundraiser. View your Eventbrite page as your selling platform, and put your best foot forward.

Make use of social media. Once you have doctored up your eventbrite page and put every possible tidbit of interesting information on it, you can then share it with other social media sites. Share it on your company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages to draw attraction to what you’re doing. Share, share, share and then share some more! If you want people to attend your event you have to make sure they know about it. This is especially important if it is clients or customers you hope will attend.

Remember that their lives are busy and if you want them to attend you have to remind them. Don’t just set up the page and let people fend for themselves. Use interactive polls and share highlights of the event to get people excited. Images and graphics work best so don’t forget about those either.

Eventbrite.com is the perfect site for selling tickets to your event and getting people excited to come so take advantage of it when your business holds an event. It’s a great tool every business should use for event promotion.

Co-written by Peter Geisheker and Alanna Monical
The Geisheker Group Marketing Firm