You may not fully like writing your own marketing copy. It may not be a business task that you relish doing. But taking on this task on your own may have an unexpected benefit within your life that may show through in other places.

Let me explain a little further.

When you write your own marketing copy, it requires thinking from the customer’s perspective. You’re not writing about the product or service that you’re looking to sell. You’re writing about the product or service that they’ll need to solve their problem. There’s a distinction there.

The latter requires empathy. It requires you to step out of your shoes and think about the entire customer experience from their perspective. If you don’t do this, your motives will be transparent, and that can show.

What Writing Your Own Marketing Copy Can Do For You

Writing your own copy does take an investment in time. It’s something that any business owner can do, but there is a learning curve to the process, and it’s a skill that can be improved upon the more that you do it.

Many business owners prefer to outsource it so that they can concentrate on the more core aspects of running their business, which is understandable. They may also prefer to outsource it if writing is a skill that they lack. (I don’t do my own taxes. I get it.)

But the empathy that is required while thinking from the customer’s perspective is something that can be transferred to other areas of your life. The more that you find yourself wondering what the customer might think or want, the easier that might be to do with family, friends, or colleagues.

When you get good at this, and you’re able to apply it in other places, the relationships within your life may improve.