They say that a first impression only takes 10 seconds. That’s why it’s crucial for small businesses to make a big impression on new clients from the moment they answer the phone.

From those first few seconds that a potential customer calls a small business, that small business must run as efficiently and professionally as possible. A well-run machine gives clients confidence in the company. A well-run business plan also makes it easy for small businesses to save money and invest that money into marketing and promoting.

One of the best ways to save money and expand a business is by switching to VoIP phone service. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows users to make and receive phone calls using the Internet. Business VoIP service is often 50 to 80% cheaper than traditional phone calling and offers more business features so small businesses can make a bigger impression in the marketplace.

Cheap Unlimited Nationwide Calling

One of the best benefits of VoIP is that most VoIP providers offer cheap if not free nationwide calling. Nearly all VoIP providers have completely eliminated long distance, roaming, and overage charges. This is perfect for small businesses looking to make connections with their clientele.

Unlimited calling makes it a lot cheaper to do cold calls to potential clients. It also makes it cheaper to build relationships with outside vendors and business partners. Small businesses can use the money saved on phone calls and invest that money back into the company’s marketing and branding campaigns.

Scalable Extensions for Easy Growth

A growing business doesn’t have time for extension line complications. Any business with a few extension lines needs a PBX. A PBX is a part of the main phone system and directs calls from a main line to the proper extensions. A traditional PBX uses pricey analog technology and any time the company needs to make a change to an extension line a technician must come out to physically add, move, or remove the telephone lines. This process is streamlined with VoIP and a hosted PBX.

A hosted PBX is a PBX that runs off of Internet technology. It is hosted off-site by the business VoIP provider. The hosted PBX makes it easy for companies to grow since VoIP extensions are wire-free and can be easily added or moved via an online request. Small businesses can grow quickly and save money each month.

Free Business Features

Nearly all VoIP plans come with dozens of business-ready features. For instance, most VoIP plans come with:

  • Caller ID

  • Call forwarding

  • Call blocking

  • Virtual numbers

  • Auto Attendant

  • Voicemail-to-email

Of the business features, auto attendant and voicemail-to-email are among the most important for small companies looking to grow their business. Auto attendant is the auto secretary of the PBX. When customers call the business they are directed to the right extension line. This makes the small business seem like a larger corporation.

Voicemail-to-email attaches voicemails to emails. Even if the small business worker is away from the office phone, they can still receive the voicemail and give a speedy response. Fast response time increases customer service and improves the small business’s image in the marketplace.

Mobile VoIP

Small businesses need to stay mobile. Small business employees might need to work outside of the office some days a week to attend trade shows or go on business trips. The more networking a business can do, the better. And nothing quite compares to in-person meetings. Luckily, all of the top business VoIP providers offer mobile VoIP capabilities.

Mobile VoIP comes as apps that users download to their computers, laptops, and smartphones so they never miss any important off phone calls. Mobile VoIP allows small businesses to do business from anywhere. The small business is never out of touch or out of reach from new sales.

Sometimes a small business can feel like a little fish in a big pound. But with VoIP service, even small businesses can make a big splash on the marketplace.