Following on from Part 1 of this two part series this post will look at different types of marketing opportunities and give you an overview of how they work and what view you need to take of using them – long term or short term.

Social Media – The trick to using the social media like Facebook, Blogging, Video, Audio, Twitter etc… is to remember is is all about the stories you tell and the conversations you have around your brand, topics and even your life in a limited way. Allow your audience to glimpse the personality, values and culture of your life and business so that you attract those like-minded individuals to whom your particular brand of personality and culture will appeal within your niche. Standing out from the crowd and being remarkable is so easy when you learn to connect, converse and be of service to your audience. Use for 15 to 20 minutes daily at least 5 days a week, and remember to switch it up and make one of those days on the weekend as research proves your conversations are seen by a good 30 to 60% more users on the weekend than during the week. Think long term however can have short term results.

*Print Media – Print media like banners, posters and flyers are appropriate for networking events, presentation opportunities, trade shows and more. Remember with the KISS princple when using print media, keep it simple. Your flyers should be branded, but easy to read and the information you give on them needs to be straight to the point, give your audience what’s in it for them and give them the information they need to make a decision on whether to learn more or purchase from you. If I create flyers I usually also make an offer, effectively turning it into a voucher. This is not something I would use a lot of except for business cards which should be on you at all times. Think short term especially if you have combined it with an offer.

*Advertising – Pure advertising as in newspapers is not something I would use a lot of any more, however if you are going to spend kind of money most newspapers and magazines charge for a print ad, then make it a priority to add an editorial, article or press release beside your ad as again it is the stories you tell and the conversations you have around what you do, why you do it that will help you to stand out. I do advertise long term in a local business magazine and every ad has an offer within it as well, giving readers a reason to notice it and take it up. Only use when you have a reason for it, such as an event or product launch, and if possible use a targeted magazine based around your local area or your niche. Can be long term or short term gains.

* Remember the rule that if you choose to use print media or advertise in a magazine that people will need to see your ad around 7 times before they will act on it.

Trade Shows and Expo’s – Exhibiting at a trade show or expo is about awareness more than anything, many business owners make the mistake of thinking they will sell enough to pay for their booth or stall space and yet this is often not at all realistic. Exhibiting is more about building awareness, being seen, showcase your expertise, products and services, and meeting the community to create conversations, present your information and make contact in person with your audience. The more targeted the show the better. as this is a great way of putting your business in front of a pre-qualified audience. Just remember a trade show or expo is not a market and your trade booth is not a shop. Think long term about your participation and prepare to dazzle the show visitors with free demonstrations and great information – prove to the audience why they need what you have. Think long term gains.

Presentations and Interviews – A wonderful way to showcase your expertise, and one thing to remember as a priority is to think about the type of audience you will be presenting to at the event and what kind of information and presentation will suit that purpose and target audience. The presentation you might give to a learned audience is not going to be the same one you give to a general audience. The general public will require you to be interesting and involving the audience in this case in some way is a great way to grab their attention and keep it. If you have a product that can give some kind of instant relief on stage, call up some carefully chosen audience members and use the product and then ask for feedback. Notice I said carefully chosen, this is because you want the feedback to be positive. One of the best ways to gain instant results.

Content Marketing – includes articles, editorial, video, audio and all these types of content allow you to showcase your expertise to a wider audience, invite commentary and conversation on your topics and build the trust and respect of your audience and other business owners in your niche with whom you might collaborate on one or more opportunities. A long term strategy.

Now do you have any other marketing opportunities you would like me to explain? Do you have any questions about the ones I have described? Please comment below… and I will answer asap.