Creating a promotional video requires forethought, talent, and the right budget. Having a script, storyboard, and production tools will factor into how the video turns out. Businesses that want to create a promotional video but aren’t sure where to start aren’t out of luck. Companies like Broadcast2World specialize in exactly that: helping a business create a message and produce a high quality video. But creating the video isn’t all there is to having a successful promotional video.

Getting The Message Out There

A business can make an incredible video, pour a lot of their budget into it, and then have the whole thing be a flop. Why? If a video is created but steps aren’t taken to get people to see the video, there’s no way it can have an impact.

Here are some tips for how to promote a promotional video:

  • Know Your Audience: Depending on the business, a promotional video for their product or service will do better with some demographics than others. If the promotion is for a new film, for example, it should be targeted at the audience it’s expected to have. A promotion for a sale at a furniture store should be aimed at the age group that is likely to buy furniture. Sometimes the audience is obvious, but other times it’s not so easy to find, which will affect how a video is marketed. Once a business knows their target audience, it will be easier to know where to post the video, what websites it can be submitted to, and who will see it.
  • Put it in More than One Place: If the promotional video was made to be a commercial, put it up online. If the video was made for the web, upload it to Youtube or another video sharing service and then post links to that video on the business’ website, partners’ sites, put it in the newsletter if the company has one, and anywhere else on the internet where the video would be relevant.
  • Use Social Media Sites: Many people don’t visit a business’ website on a regular basis, so if a video is posted there is a good chance they won’t see it. Fans of the business would be likely to follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook, however. By enabling sharing on the video, encouraging people to share the video and follow the company at their social media sites, and sharing the video on their own pages, the promotional video has a better chance of being seen by a large, interested audience.
  • Monitor Comments: One of the best aspects of social media is the immediate feedback. Customers want to interact with a business if they have a comment to make, so by monitoring comments and responding to feedback a business can get an even better response on their video.
  • Use Analytics to Get Feedback: Whether a business uses a service to make their video or simply uploads it to Youtube themselves, there will be analytic data available to clue them in on who watched the video. Seeing who watched the video where will give the business a better idea of their audience, where their product is doing well and where they need more focus in marketing, and influence how they will market their next promotional video.