product-launch-rocketIf you’re launching a new product, it is important to plan out each step of the process along the way so that you don’t miss any important aspects. For example, if you’re launching an information product your plans should have started during the research phase before you even created the product. Otherwise, how do you know what your audience even wants or needs?

Study your target audience. Understand their needs, desires, hopes and fears. Create a product that addresses at least one of those, if not all four. Don’t create the product then search for an audience. Create the product for a specific audience according to their needs. Your job is to solve a problem for your target audience.

Once you understand your audience and have created the product, you need to determine how you will market and launch the product. This is something that can be done simultaneous to product creation. Choose your launch date before you’ve even created the product but after you’ve identified what product you will create and have the steps identified that need to be done to finish the product. This will encourage you to get on with it and actually finish the product. If you do not have due dates, you won’t ever do it.

Research the market to see if there are competitors delivering the same type of product that you are to the same audience. Determine how your product is different and why it is more beneficial than the competitions. Remember to always focus on benefits over features. People want to know what’s in it for them, they don’t really care about what’s in it for you or how great you think you are.

Determine what type of marketing you will do. Will you have a webinar? Will you incorporate blogging, article marketing, affiliate marketing? Whichever of these components you want to use, start planning them now. If you have contractors make each leader responsible for their area. For instance, if you have an affiliate manager, she can come up with marketing collateral for your affiliates and she can get the affiliates excited about marketing your new product.

Start giving hints about the product in email newsletters, blogs, and podcast interviews. Offer sneak peeks as you get more and more of the product finished. Ask for feedback from trusted colleges, family and friends. In this way you’ll be able to perfect the product as you’re preparing for launch day. From the feedback you can develop a list of questions and answers in order to create a FAQ. That is a list of frequently asked questions which you can use to help buyers.

Create a time-line based on the launch date, working backwards towards today, outsourcing and delegating tasks to others where appropriate. Follow up regularly with contractors to ensure a smooth launch. Create return policies, and ensure that you and any contractors such as virtual assistants who handle customer service understand the new product prior to launch date so that if questions arise, you’ll be ready and can send them to your already created FAQ.

By creating a plan from idea to creation to launch, you’ll be sure to not only create products that your clients love, and want more of, but also have a successful launch each and every time.