tiffany co

The little blue box is instantly recognizable. Luxury retailer Tiffany & Co. has built a branding empire based on their jewelry quality, high-end reputation, beautiful store fronts – and memorable packaging.

Tiffany & Co. is also at the forefront of luxury brands embracing digital marketing. The jewelry retailer leads the Luxury E-Retail Satisfaction Index conducted by analytics firm ForeSee.

In Luxury Daily, Larry Freed, the president/CEO of ForeSee says: “The real area where luxury retail Web sites differ from non-luxury sites is in mobile usage and satisfaction. Mobile is playing a big role for everyone these days, but it’s playing a much bigger role for luxury retailers.”

Mobile is a critical component in digital marketing. EMarketer reports that smartphone and tablet use is directly correlated with household income, and affluent consumers are shopping more often. The fact that luxury shoppers are more likely to use mobile devices necessitates an optimized mobile experience.

An effective mobile shopping experience includes websites, apps and social media. In a survey by the Luxury Institute and Plastic Mobile, affluent consumers report that the top three features they expect from a luxury brand’s mobile app are: loyalty programs, early access to sales, and exclusive updates about new products or services.

Facebook is the top mobile app. Tiffany & Co.’s latest Facebook campaign, the 2013 Blue Book Collection, plays to consumer’s desires for mobile compatibility and product exclusivity. Promoting new jewelry pieces on their Facebook page, they also have a “Blue Book” app tab – which you can only view if you’ve liked their page (as shown below).

tiffany app

Once you’ve liked the page, you have access to their new line, with jewelry details including history and inspiration. They’ve also tied in timely, trending topics – for example, the inspiration behind “The Savoy” piece is actress Carey Mulligan from The Great Gatsby. Here’s the jewelry app layout:

tiffany reveal

Tiffany & Co. also created a Pinterest board for their 2013 Tiffany Blue Book, cross-promoting it on Facebook. Their Pinterest presence is not as impressive as their other profiles, however. Tiffany & Co. has room for much improvement – beginning with following other users and creating more boards. With fashion as one of the top categories, Pinterest provides a huge opportunity for retailers who are active and engaging on the network.

tiffany pinterest updated

Despite their surprisingly sparse Pinterest profile, Tiffany & Co. does well in campaign strategy and social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter. In order to expand their digital reach, it would be greatly beneficial to focus on integrating SEO efforts with social media. With mobile relevance and capabilities quickly expanding, it’s important to ensure all sites, social networks and apps provide the utmost user experience – luxury consumers expect it.

If correctly optimized, social media and SEO solutions can increase traffic, sales and customer acquisition. To get started today, contact ZOG Digital for an audit.