One way brands can enter the market today and slowly make their way to the top has changed significantly with the rise of social media. Influencer marketing has become the go-to strategy for young brands. Fitness food expert Foodspring, sustainable watches vendor Kerbholz, and jewelry brand Melou are shining examples of brands using influencer marketing to shake the industry.


Melou is a German jewelry brand. Founded in autumn 2017, the brand is still fairly new to the market. Founder Katharina Seiger, however, managed to pull off some large-scale influencer collaborations already.

Our initial challenge was raising awareness of our brand within the influencer sphere. With the number of established jewelry companies out there, we really needed to find a way of distinguishing Melou from these other brands.

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Melou’s strategy was preset by the brand’s tight budget: Seiger approached micro-influencers, with hardly anything but a design draft.

We had very little time and hardly any budget to get things going when we started last autumn. I started reaching out to micro-influencers before we even had our product produced. I basically went to them with a bracelet penciled on paper!

Luckily, the product, a simple grey charm bracelet with letters from A to Z, sparked the interest of the German micro-influencers Sieger approached.

To set her brand apart from other jewelry brands, she built a story around the simple bracelet. Under the slogan ‘Wish it. Dream it. Do it.’, the customer is supposed to make a wish when tying the simple cotton bracelet, then wear it until it falls off and wait for the wish to come true.

Our message is centered around people’s desire to fulfill their dreams and make their wishes come true. It’s not just a bracelet for them but much more a feeling when they wear their wish bracelet and give the bracelet as a gift to friends. It serves as a connection of two people sharing the same dreams.

Melou focused not only on micro-influencers in general but on a specific niche: young female influencers with an interest in horse-riding.

Seiger highlights that this group is extremely active on Instagram and the influencers are well-connected among each other.

These channels show particularly high engagement rates and manage to thrill their followers, not only because of the product itself but also because they want to share the story behind it, the ‘wish-granting factory’ idea, with them.


Foodspring’s slogan “For Us, Quality Is No Empty Promise. It Is The Result Of Hard Work” not only perfectly captures the brand’s attitude towards product quality but also mirrors Foodspring’s ambition and drive to grow.

Foodspring provides fitness enthusiasts with fitness food and sports nutrition of organic quality. In contrast to other nutrition vendors, Foodspring not only focuses on fitness addicts but expands their audience to health-conscious fashion and beauty enthusiasts as well.

This strategy helped Foodspring to achieve an extremely broad market penetration and raised the brand awareness to a whole new level.

The brand developed an influencer marketing strategy in 2016 and started out researching and identifying influencers on their own with a limited budget to work with and being mostly unknown on the market. Other brands had already mastered influencer marketing, and the competition was stiff, so the brand redoubled their efforts and started using scientific data for influencer analysis and campaign tracking.

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From the beginning of 2017 onwards, the results are mindblowing: the account’s earned media value today reaches up to $45,000 per week, compared to January 2017 when it hardly reached $6,000 per week.

With a focus on high-quality influencers with extremely engaged audiences, the brand’s Instagram follower growth accelerated, and today, the brand executes campaigns that international influencers are excited to be part of.


Kerbholz is a sustainable watch brand from Germany producing accessories from natural materials. The company donates 10% of their revenue to the organization Designing to Sustain to invest the money in charitable projects.

For Fabian Glahn, content marketing manager at Kerbholz, influencer marketing is essential to support the brand’s projects and their call for sustainability.

Glahn highlights that harnessing the power of influencers was part of the brand’s strategy from the get-go.

As a young and upcoming brand, it is great to raise brand awareness and build a community on Instagram. Furthermore, we reach exactly the audience on Instagram that is likely to buy one of our products.

With the supportive power of high-quality influencers, Kerbholz’ Instagram channel manages to constantly attract new followers and currently shows a follower growth rate of 2.2%.

Instagram, in particular, caters to the brand’s needs: the platform gives a stage to Kerbholz’ products which are highly visual while collaborating with influencers provides for trust within the community.

We like to make long-term relationships, which not only builds a solid foundation for the influencers and us but also ensures credibility towards the customer.


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