Websites today play an important role in the success of any business when you consider that not having a website reflects poorly on a business and having an old and outdated website even more so.  Having a well built user friendly website always leads to more business and using these tips will help you get a much higher conversion rate from the visitors who do stop by the site.

Make these minor adjustments to your website and watch the leads and orders start coming in.

All websites need a contact form.  People don’t like giving out their email addresses until they are absolutely ready to do so.  When you only supply an email address as a means of contacting you, the person must reveal who they are and chance ending up on a spam list.  Many people aren’t willing to do that.  They want their questions answered, in the method that works best for them, maybe they prefer a phone call.  Providing a contact form is also the easiest way for someone to be in touch.  The easier you make it for people to do what you want them to do, the more likely they are to “do it”.

print marketing by printerbeesGet more leads by offering a coupon right on the front page of your website.  Doing so on the PrinterBees site resulted in a large surge of business because we know who our visitors are and can maintain contact with them.  The coupon is emailed out and we are able to keep in touch with the people who have shown interest in our business printing services via email, being proactive.  We aren’t waiting and hoping for prospects to use the coupon they’ve requested, we email them a few times over a 30 day period reminding them that they downloaded a coupon and should use it before it expires.  The best way to understand our process is to go to the PrinterBees home page, request a coupon and experience it first hand.  It’s an award winning campaign (Infusioncon 2012 Small Business Innovator award) that results in a tremendous amount of business.

The website needs to act as a sales person, providing all of the information regarding the product that people want to know is essential.  Take the most frequently asked questions about your product and make sure the website answers all of them.  You’ll make more sales that way.

Make sure you’re contact information is on every page so people never have to hunt for it.  Right in the header is the best place to put it.  Website visitors should never have to hunt on a website for how to reach your business.  It should be present on every page and obvious.

Display your prices.  There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find a price for the product of interest on a website.  It’s like being in a store where there are no signs or price hang tags displaying a price on the products being sold.  Are you going to bring something to the register to purchase it if you aren’t sure how much it costs?  People shopping on the web, want to buy on the web and can’t purchase if they don’t know how much “it” costs.

Include a way to order on-line.  This subject deserves a dedicated blog post, coming soon.

Give something valuable away on your website.  Providing something free on your site is the absolute BEST way to collect email addresses from prospects that match your customer profile so you can later market to them via email.  We provide free print samples to anyone who wishes to see them, by offering print samples it’s very easy to determine who is interested in printing services.

Automate your follow-up with programs like Constant Contact or Infusionsoft.  You can’t go wrong with automating follow up as long as you keep it personal and free of spammy email marketing.

Include a blog.  It’s not only Imperative if you wish to have the search engines sending you traffic, it’s a reason for prospects and clients to visit the site repeatedly.  It’s also the perfect platform for updates and announcements, product information, promotions, etc.

Implement these changes one by one and watch what happens. These minor changes WILL result in major improvements over time.