outbound prospecting process

Inbound marketing is the hot new kid on the marketing block. Yet sometimes, it’s just not the best strategy for the situation.

Inbound marketing works great for getting your company found by customers, delivering value that’s hard to refuse, and reaching buyers across the purchase journey. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Yet sometimes, this system doesn’t work as effectively to get prospects interested. In those times, outbound marketing might be a better fit.

So, Why Choose Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is the process of going out and actively pursuing prospects. It’s most effective when:

  • Your marketing doesn’t produce the amount of leads you need.
  • You aren’t getting the right kind of leads from your marketing.
  • You have a core set of target customers that you need to reach.

If you are targeting larger accounts or you want to put your business in front of the people who are most likely to buy, outbound marketing might be a good idea.

Here four tactics you can include in your outbound marketing process to reach highly targeted markets.

  1. Identify Qualified Target Prospects with Outbound Prospecting

Hiring a devoted sales team to pound the pavement and drum up new leads sounds old-fashioned and expensive. For the most part, it can be, but outbound prospecting changes that a little bit.

Outbound prospecting puts a highly specialized, well-trained team to work to find new prospects. This is important. When sending these highly specialized forces out on the market to prospect, you aren’t relying on them to handle everything from start to finish – you only want them to bring in qualified prospects. Then, these prospects are sent to account executives to close the deal.

The specialization part is crucial too. Without a solid understanding of the person they’re looking for or the industry they’re targeting, your sales team will sputter and stumble, delivering poor results. However, when they have a solid understanding of their target prospects and how decisions are made, they’re able to get in front of the right people faster and easier.


This approach is used to bring unmotivated and unfocused sales teams back into the sales game. When they start succeeding and their jobs become easier, you can bet that they’ll bring in better results.

  1. PPC

Using PPC for Outbound ProspectingPay-per-click (PPC) ads remain one of the most effective ways at getting businesses in front of customers. That’s because these ads appear in front of the people who are already searching for what the business offers. There are a few benefits to taking this approach:

  • You set your budget – spend as little or as much as you’d like.
  • You level the competitive playing field, making it easier to knock out your competition.
  • You see almost instantaneous results.

Similar to PPC, paid ads let you put your company’s message in front of a highly targeted audience. This is usually done on social media networks, including the following:

  • Facebook: Facebook ads let you design an ad that looks similar to a regular Facebook post. Because Facebook is quickly pushing down the types of posts they show from business pages, paid ads are often the easiest and most effective way to get seen in front of the audience you’re targeting.
  • Twitter: Twitter also has a few paid ad options, including promoted tweets, promoted accounts, or promoted trends. Depending on which option you choose, your promoted content will be seen by your audience in the newsfeed or sidebar.
  • LinkedIn: Paid ads on LinkedIn are ideal for B2B companies. They work in the same way as Facebook ads but offer different targeting criteria and different expectations from the user base.
  1. Targeted Partnerships

Do you know your customer loves to go to a specific store? Why not partner with that company to tap into the audience and grow your sales?

Targeted partnerships are an easy way to get in front of an already existing customer base. You’ll instantly earn the trust of the audience because of who you aligned your business with, making it easier to turn leads into sales.

Possibly the most effective way to win new customers and retain existing customers is to form alliances and strategic partnerships. These relationships take some effort to create but the return on your investment can be tremendous. – Greg Dunne, Mansfield Sales Partners

Final Thoughts

Although inbound marketing is getting a lot of buzz, there is still a place for outbound approaches like prospecting, paid ads, and targeted partnerships. Many high growth companies implement these strategies when trying to reach highly targeted markets.

Looking for other approaches used by successful businesses? Check out our free report called, “The Ultimate Marketing Guide for High Growth Companies.”