There comes a point at which your business needs a change and a big one at that; it’s time for your company to consider rebranding.

What exactly is rebranding? Rebranding is the process of changing your company’s look and feel, which may include your logo, advertising, marketing strategy, and even your company’s philosophy. In other words: rebranding is like Extreme Makeover: Corporate Edition.

monarch-butterfly-emerges_24313_600x450Rebranding your company is not only a chance to set yourself apart from your competitors, but it is also an opportunity to show the world who you really are, what you stand for and what you can offer to others.

Refreshing your marketing collateral is one aspect of the rebranding process. Marketing collateral is a good representation of your business. As you are considering your options, there are three things to keep in mind.


When rebranding, you are essentially changing your image. The public, and more importantly, your clients know you as one thing. Now you’re evolving into something new. Go through your marketing materials with a fine tooth comb to make sure things aren’t even more confusing. Ensure your brand’s new identity is consistent across all media – that includes every piece of marketing collateral, from your business cards to your catalogs to your thank you cards.


This is the new you. This is, actually, the true you. Sure it’s a little cheesy, but there’s a reason to why you’re taking the steps to rebrand. Avoid making tiny changes; rebranding means a complete overhaul. Just make sure your message and image is creative. Be different. Try something new with your marketing collateral. Make sure everyone and anyone can recognize your new image immediately. If you’re successful in doing that, you have accomplished so much more in getting you brand out there.


Use the different kinds of marketing collateral to your advantage. Each type of collateral can convey a message differently.

  • Catalogs and trifolds can show your services with more copy and more images.
  • Sell sheets have the space to elaborate on specific products, lines or services you offer.
  • Bill stuffers promote a special offer or promotion to show current clients who are already paying you.

Marketing collateral is only one part of rebranding, but it’s an essential one. By following the three C’s, consistency, creativity and communication, you’ll be well on your way making this change count! Have any questions or trepidations about taking it on by yourself? Contact Tiffanie Leos via e-mail at [email protected] or 610-644-8637 x247 today.

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