Every B2B and B2C wants to see insane growth from their marketing efforts. There are many different avenues you can go down if you wish to market your product or brand to a broader audience. However, cross-promotion is one of the best ways to boost sales and bolster your existing plan for generating leads.

Mainly, cross-promotion involves diving into other markets and customer personas to spread brand awareness and stimulate growth throughout your business. We want to analyze how you can use cross-promotion tactics to improve your current business model. These tips range from researching your audience to working with partners for mutual growth.

Expand Your Customer Personas

When you first launched your product, there’s a good chance that you thought long and hard about your ideal customer. You spent time thinking about their pain points, their desires, their education, and much more.

Since cross-promotion involves marketing your product to a broader audience, you’re going to have to take the time to think about what these new potential customers want, and how you can build a product that intrigues and helps them live a better life.

Here’s what a typical customer person sheet looks like:


Instead of expanding your existing customer persona, consider making multiple variations depending on the circumstances surrounding each customer. For example, if you were a pet store growing your business to birdhouses, you would want to create two separate personas, one for your pet supply shoppers and one for those who may be interested in buying birdhouses.

Use All Relevant Social Media Platforms

Next, you should think about the social media platforms you’re currently using, and decide if you’re missing any social accounts based on your target audience across all products. One study revealed that 87 percent of business owners see enhanced exposure through social media.

If you want to cross-promote to a wider audience, you may have to make new accounts on social media platforms where your audience tend to spend their time. You could miss out on a fantastic opportunity, and a significant chunk of leads, by skipping updates on a social media account.

Besides being able to market your products to a wider audience, you’ll be able to expand your customer service efforts to other platforms so consumers can get answers to their questions and assistance after making a purchase.

Partner with Complementary Brands

Our last tip for using cross-promotion involves working with other brands to expose your company to a larger audience. Complementary brands should align with your brand in a way that makes sense for consumers. For instance, if you wanted to partner with an influencer, you would want to target someone who regularly uses your product or similar products.

Here’s a great example from Instagram influencer Stassiebaby.

She primarily reviews and discusses beauty products on her social media profiles. It would only make sense that Sugar Bear Hair, a beauty vitamin, would work with her because her audience is looking for new beauty products.

Similarly, you could partner with actual companies who work in the same niche but perhaps have a different goal for their audience. Think of an email marketing company working with an analytics company on a partner product for increased exposure across both brands. Sure, email marketing and analytics are in the same boat, but the goal of each product is different.

You could partner up on more than just products. Many businesses create joint podcasts that allow experts from both companies to discuss changes in the industry, new products, and advancements in technology.


Marketing is a massive part of every businesses model for success. When you want to see explosive growth from your company, you have to be willing to experiment with new products, partner with reputable companies and fine-tune your target audience for a personalized and engaging experience that keeps customers coming back. It’s important to remember that not every cross-promotion will be a hit, but you have to keep tinkering with your formula if you want to get past a sales slump and expand the reach of your business.