Compelling offers answer what's in it for me?Creating compelling offers to draw prospects to your website sounds like it should be really easy. Most companies feel they have great products or services that will uniquely solve the challenges of their customers and prospects. Trouble is, most companies struggle with the entire concept of offers and are afraid of “giving away” their value.

We recently started an Inbound Marketing program with a new client and one of the first questions was, “What are offers and why do we need them?” Offers are your lead generation ammunition. They’re information and resources that your site visitors want to consume and are willing to give you their contact information in exchange. Offers are the best ways to generate leads from your website.

Best practices suggest that at least three offers be running at any given time (one for each top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel). Offers should be changed/rotated regularly to keep them fresh and draw new prospects.

Top of the funnel – strictly educational. Share your knowledge of a particular topic. This content is typically shared via a blog or newsletter.

Middle of the funnel – More in-depth education with a tie to your specific services. Likely an ebook, whitepaper, presentation download, webinar, etc.

Bottom of the funnel – Focused on prospects ready to “buy”. These are action oriented offers such as a trial, a demo, a promo, etc.

So, what makes an offer compelling enough to attract attention? Ask yourself a couple simple questions:

1. Who are your primary customers? Categorize them by industry, decision influences, and general traits

2. What challenges do your customers face and how do you address them?

3. What makes your solution to their challenges unique? What benefit do you offer that no other company can match?

When you have answers to those questions and can easily push the hot buttons, crafting compelling offers addressing their specific needs becomes much simpler. For example, we know that many of our clients are challenged with continually attracting leads to their sales funnel. So, one of our most popular offers is “How to Turn Your Website Into a Sales Magnet.” We created that middle of the funnel offer to answer a specific need and to demonstrate how we can help.

Not every lead will be as compelling as you hope but with practice creating offers will become less of a struggle and more of an opportunity to address customer needs.

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