In the world of innovation and constant technological progress, there are more mediums to choose from when it comes to marketing and selling your product or service. SMS doesn’t strike you immediately as the trendiest one, but it has proven one of the most efficient for getting your message to all of the existing and potential customers out there.

The benefits of SMS marketing are plentiful: it is an easy, affordable and highly customizable way to make you (and your company’s) voice heard.

But what exactly should an effective mobile marketing message look like? Let’s get to the underlying guidelines ruling the world of successful text messages.

1. Know the target group. In other words: do your research. There is not much sense in texting the blue-collar employees of the local run-down neighbourhood when your company specializes in luxury watches or beauty services. In the long run, it will save you and your recipients time.

2. Be concise. Your space is limited to a few hundred characters. No one wants to be bored by a text message that is long and cryptic, so get straight to the point. Remember that keeping it short does not equal being boring.

3. Create a sense of urgency. In general, people tend to respond faster when they know their time is running out and the offer is really a special one. Customers like to feel singled out and this is exactly the message you should give them.

4. Use strong words that capture the reader’s attention. Everyone likes things that are free and/or cheap, so maximize such adjectives by using them as attention grabbers. Once again, the principle “less is more” holds true. There is no need to go overboard.

5. Check your grammar and do not use slang or jargon. Sounding like 50 Cent or Eminem might seem like a cool and hip idea, but you run the risk of alienating every customer over the age of 25 and ruining your professional image. “Hey mate, check out ur nw bznz offer” is a big no-no. First learn how to shorten a text message before putting it into practice.

6. Be respectful. Always include the option of unsubscribing from your text messages. Be aware of timing – sending an SMS about your happy hour lunch offer around midnight is not so good idea. Getting your message labelled as spam or being overly intrusive is the last thing you want.

7. First try the message on your colleagues or friends. How do they respond? Is there something that needs editing; maybe a typo you missed? It is a bulletproof way for adding this final touch to your message and may yet save you from unnecessary embarrassment.

So there you have it: a short overview about the fundamentals of creating mobile marketing messages that are more than likely to make your sales flourish.