If you want to earn the best ROI possible from your direct-mail marketing campaigns, it literally pays to do your research before you select a direct mailing service. The following lists what you should look for in a direct mailing service that will be your partner in profits.

1. Targeting Knowledge 

Your direct mailing service should be able to help you develop a highly targeted mailing list comprised of potential customers who meet your best customer demographics. Your mailing list should be targeted and up-to-date.

HP by Donohue Design

2.  Add-On Services

Ink-jetting, envelope stuffing, list verification and other mail-room services should be available to make your life easier. If you can find an all-in-one printing house that handles graphic design, printing and mailing, you can streamline the entire operation, ensure a cohesive campaign, and save on your overall marketing investment.

Austin Diagnostic Clinic by Delaune & Associates

3.  Customer Service 

Go to your mailing house’s website and find their customer service number. It should be prominently displayed, as your mailing house shouldn’t hide from its customers. Call the number and see how long it takes to get a human on the line, how helpful they are, and how friendly they are. Do this before you decide on your mailing house, so you can rest assured that if any issues arise they’ll be quickly solved. Keep in mind that poor customer service can delay mailings and add expense, so make sure you’re 100 percent comfortable with your mailing house before you place your order

4.  Guarantees

See if your mailing house offers a satisfaction guarantee. Most reputable mailing houses do, and it serves as a form of customer protection and a testament to their confidence you’ll be satisfied with their services.

Madgex by Oli Pyle

5.  Price

Last but not least, consider your mailing house’s pricing. The most expensive mailing house isn’t always the best, while the cheapest isn’t always the worst. Find a mailing service that satisfies all of the other requirements, then finalize your decision on price.