Electric circuit with battery network strength meter with blog comments as wires showing how they help build one's network

One of the best ways to build your online network, is by leaving comments that add value on other people’s posts.

What do I mean by leaving a comment that “adds value”?

Comments like “Nice post!” and “Really enjoyed it!” don’t add anything to a post, content-wise.

I’m not saying they don’t have value– they do. They’re kind, they’re supportive, they’re appreciated– but they’re not likely to engage the author or other readers.

A comment that contributes to the discussion, however, adds value.

When you leave such a comment, you’re providing additional content. You’re sharing your own expertise or experience, and making the post stronger and more comprehensive.

Such comments get special attention– from the author and from other readers.

By leaving an “added-value” comment, you’re drawing attention to yourself as someone worth knowing.

The author may reach out to you, so may other readers, asking to connect. Perhaps you’ll be the one to reach out. But don’t rush things.

Leaving a comment is like planting a seed of goodwill. Give it time to germinate.

Here are 15 tips on leaving comments, as a strategy for expanding your online network.

1. Make it a point to comment on a few posts every day.

2. Choose posts that attract the kind of people you’d like to connect with.

3. Comment with a view towards building a relationship.

4. Be polite, stay positive. Always. Avoid direct criticism in favor of positive suggestions.

5. Comment on something specific in the post, and/or add a new thought.

6. Draw on your own experience and expertise when you comment.

7. Consider responding to other readers’ comments, and attracting their attention.

8. Never force a comment. If a post has no real value, don’t waste your time.

9. If you’re the post author, always respond to any comment left on your post.

10. If someone responds to your comment, do not immediately ask to connect. It reeks of insincerity and opportunism.

11. Never engage negative or abusive people.

12. Be patient, be persistent. Give comments time to work and establish trust.

13. Accept the fact that a comment may fall unheeded into the void. That’s life.

14. Say no to profanity. Some will defend it as hip. Don’t buy it. Attitude is a poor substitute for professionalism.

15. Your comments are a part of your brand. Every word. Never forget that truth.

Did you know that blogging dates back to around 3100 B.C.? Here, take a look.

cartoon showing two guys in ancient Egypt one pointing to hieroglyphics on wall saying look someone left comment on my blog