One of the most difficult things entrepreneurs and salespeople struggle with is describing the value of what they offer. And this is a biggie when it comes to sales success because you can’t sell what you can’t describe.

I’m not talking about the features and benefits – customers don’t care about those. I’m talking about the value you bring to the table and the results you can help buyers achieve. So many entrepreneurs and salespeople get tripped up early in the process trying to describe their value that it makes it impossible for them to succeed.

To help you build and communicate a compelling value proposition that sells, the folks over at RAIN Group just released the second free video in their Entrepreneurial Selling video series that teaches you how to do just this.

You don’t want to miss it – not only because it’s free – but because you’ll walk away with new knowledge and skills that you can apply right away to improve your value proposition and to communicate it with buyers.
P.S. Be sure to check out the 7:57 mark in the video to learn the 3 keys to building a value proposition – this is great stuff!