Creative elements, unless they are absolutely direct and specific are just unknown quantities that are difficult to define in terms of what measurable and quantifiable results they actually bring to a business.

Whether you believe it or not, effective business growth and development is more formulaic than it is creative.

This confusion occurs a lot in marketing because things get done in a certain way because everybody else is doing it that way. Ask somebody to actually tell you why, and they will struggle to give you a definite reason that will support the way it’s being done, other than its an industry norm or because they believe it would be effective but can’t tell you just how effective.

Even in selling you’ll come into contact with successful sales people and if you get a chance to talk to them or pick their brains for some advice over a beer or coffee you’ll mostly definitely find yourself feeling a little bemused as to actually why it is they are successful and what specifically they do that gets them results which could be transferable to you.

A Business Can Only Grow Successfully On Formulaic Facts Not Mysterious Factors

When faced with beliefs, instead of measureable outcomes based around some kind of proven formula which explains that if you do “X” you’ll get back “Z” in return, you’re forced to believe that it’s just all one big mystery, a game of luck, lottery of chance. I know I did when I first started investigating this whole area even though I already had years of experience.

This is exactly the reason why so many people are led to believe that success is indeed a mysterious outcome when the reality is, given the right know-how you can engineer a successful outcome.

It’s true that certain people seem able to do things naturally, just like those talented painters or musicians, while for others they are always having to work hard.

When people who have done well in business are asked how they did it few seem to actually know why. Instead they regale you with stories of hard work, doing what they thought was the right thing, making their own luck, or sharing ways that other people have done it. None of which actually answers the question, because if the truth be told they were to a large part an accidental success.

In the long run though talent and chance alone is never enough and you must be prepared to really learn your craft and understand what makes something truly effective so that you can develop it, repeat it, scale it up or even turn your mind and talent to other things. There is indeed a formula.

Selling and marketing are the essential components of business growth, assuming you have a product and service that is right for your audience and you are willing to stand by it.

It would make sense that in order to develop your business growth more effectively and make better use of your companies time and money to create more leads and convert more customers, that you should identify what is most likely to deliver that kind of outcome. Instead of the tireless head on assaults and the same old rhetoric.

Formulas and systems are the most reliable components for creating a measureable and predictable outcome over methods based on blind belief alone.

Systems Give You Frameworks For Creating Predictable, Repeatable And Scalable Outcomes

When you don’t know what creates the outcome you need, it’s impossible to engineer it. Where formulas exist they typically describe a system which operates in a specific way, which creates a certain outcome based on a single or sequence of events occurring.

The reasons systems are so important is because things run far more effectively in a system or as manufacturers would say they get done “faster, better and cheaper”.

Systems are used to run our everyday lives. You get up, have breakfast, travel to work, do some work, lunch, more work, return home, exercise, dinner, have some family time and finally relax and later sleep. It runs like clockwork ensuring that you get everything done that needs to be done in life. They are small parts done on a regular basis which work together to engineer a much larger outcome.

In the factory raw materials go in one end, items are processed, assembled, decorated, packaged and shipped and in this way a manufacturer knows that each product produced is consistently manufactured to a good standard. They can also determine time scales for the completion of finished products along with raw material and component stock levels required to maintain supply and build traceability mechanisms for determining the causes of quality issues.

Investments and financial trades are also based on systems that help traders and investors identify with a high degree of probability the likely outcome of a transaction and its profitability.

This enables them to repeat it more consistently so that losses are minimised and returns are maximised, right from identifying an opportunity to executing the trade or investment and managing it until you finally exit or sell.

Even the army, fire brigade, police and ambulance services are based on systematic approaches to specialist situations.

So a system ensures repeatability, improved accuracy and predictability and you can scale it up in size knowing that if all things remain equal you will get more of the same results.