I Got a Fever for Lead Generation

lead generationAre you hoping to kick your company’s lead generation into high gear without tripling your marketing budget? If you’re employing inbound marketing practices that include business blogging, social media and valuable content offers, you’re certainly on the right track. In 2012, leads gained through inbound methods cost 60% less on average than outbound leads gained through telemarketing, print advertising, direct mail and commercials.

If you’re already putting the time into the most effective marketing channels, how can you generate even more leads from your company website? We’ve compiled the latest research for marketers who have put their energy into social media and business blogging and are ready to take their inbound marketing strategy up a notch:

1. Increase Your Landing Pages

Did you know that simply boosting your total number of landing pages can dramatically increase lead generation, your website’s SEO and expand the number of buyer personas your products and services are reaching? It’s true. According to the latest research by HubSpot, you probably need more pages than you realize. By analyzing data from over 7,000 companies, their team found this is little benefit from increasing your total landing page count from 1 to 9. Once you page count is between 10-15, your lead generation will increase by an average of 55%:

how landing pages affect your company's lead generation

Image Courtesy of HubSpot

Why is that, anyway? Turns out, the benefits of adding more landing pages are varied:

Awesome SEO. Each additional landing page you add to your website means another page indexed by Google and other major search engines. The chances of real consumers stumbling upon your product through search increases, and you’ll be able to include relevant and varied call-to-action buttons at the bottom of your blog content. While there’s little-to-no SEO benefit of building landing pages for slight variations of the same keyword (such as kid’s hats and kids hats), add a page for each of your unique product or service offerings.

More Interesting Content Offers. Have you ever decided against downloading a TOFU eBook or white paper because you just weren’t convinced it would be helpful? You’ll likely see your conversion rate soar as you’re able to add more CTAs to your website that appeal to a broader group.

Your Precision Soars. If you just have a single landing page dedicated to a group of products, your future leads might have trouble understanding the relevance. By adding more landing pages, you can tailor your content offers to best fit your segments. What demographics and stage of the sales cycle are you trying to target? Consumers want relevant information, and adding landing pages will allow you to provide this.

2. Repurpose Blogs into Offers

All of the best content offers have one thing in common: they answer customer FAQ. Creating quality content takes time, and even though exceptional eBooks are often around 3000-6000 words, it’s an enormous time commitment to whip up a batch of TOFU from scratch. If you’re hoping to kick your lead generation into high gear, you’re going to need to add some irresistible content offers. It’s never wise to sacrifice quality for quantity, but there is a way you can streamline the content creation process.

The smartest marketers are discovering that eBooks can often be repurposed from your own best blog content. Compiled tutorials and frequently-asked questions into a guide. It’s not plagiarism if you own the material! Develop a concept, draft out an outline and pull relevant blog content to fill out the body of the book. Add and remove content to make your eBook flow and edit carefully.

3. Step Up Your Content Calendar

You’ve probably noticed by now that most of the latest research on how to effectively boost your lead generation is centered around creating more, high-quality content. Adding more weekly blog posts to your company’s content calendar and committing to delivering could yield big results:

blogging more often will increase your lead generation

image courtesy of HubSpot.

Companies that blog more 15 times a month have 5 times more traffic than companies without a blog. Are you unsure whether you can commit to blogging every other day or on a daily basis? Companies that increase their frequency from 3-5 times monthly to 6 to 8 double their leads, on average. While committing to a schedule is essential to avoid letting your subscribers and readers down, just adding a few more posts a month could yield significant returns.

4. Automatically Publish On Your Social Media Networks

Setting your blog content to automatically publish to Twitter and Facebook is among the easiest ways to boost your lead generation. Research has indicated that companies who automatically post links to their latest content generate 50% more leads. Here are some tips on maximizing the impact and traffic from each new piece of shared content:

  • Optimize your Blog Post Titles With Powerful Language and Eye-Catching Keywords.
  • Ensure Your Tweets are Optimized for Social Sharing with shortened links and titles.
  • Publish When Your Click-Through Rates are Highest.

What tactics have you found are effective at boosting your brand’s lead generation?