TeeFury logoCute, quirky, and artistically done t-shirts are huge hits with adolescents and young adults, so it’s no wonder that companies like Threadless have been popular for years. These companies allow artists to design graphics for shirts and clothing and, if they get enough votes, have their designs printed.

Designs for One Day Only

TeeFury takes this approach and runs with it: TeeFury’s t-shirt designs are also created by individual artists, but the catch is that these shirts only run for 24 hours, and then they’re gone. The company has a sizeable following, and this is because TeeFury’s “limited edition” marketing strategy actually works quite well.

When you visit the TeeFury website, you will find that at the very top is a countdown ticker. The pressure is on – if you like the design you see, you only have a few short hours to make a decision. It’s either put down the money or lose the opportunity to wear the design forever.

Many TeeFury designs reflect pop culture, including DC and Marvel comic characters, video games, classic cartoons, and hit TV shows from the past 20 years. After all, the company is marketing to the 16-25 year old demographic, a group that wants to wear what’s trending in pop culture.

An Art and Artist-Centered Approach

The TeeFury bonus is that the shirts are all designed by artists, many of who have been previously published. The company also gives rising artists the chance to submit their own designs and gain some exposure. Of course, the artists themselves also profit. For every shirt sold, the designer makes $1, and the artist retains full rights to the image.

The company is also highly invested in making clients into a community. The site has a forum for people to discuss the latest designs and talk about what they might like to see on upcoming shirts. Additionally, the front page prominently features space for users to comment on the design underneath the display of that day’s graphic tee.

Takeaway Lessons from TeeFury

Ephemeral marketing doesn’t work for every business, but it is an approach that gets results with a company like TeeFury. Here is how they do it.

  • Interactivity. TeeFury makes their entire website a space where artists and art-appreciators come together to discuss the latest in t-shirt design, which creates buzz all over the net.
  • Sticking to a demographic. Most of the people who buy TeeFury designs are college students or at the very least fall within that age group, and many of the artists who submit their designs are college students or recent graduates. This means that they keep their designs fresh and new to appeal to the age range, and it works.
  • Keeping the audience posted. Email marketing campaigns can sometimes be hit or miss, but TeeFury is highly invested in making sure that they send out an email for every new shirt design that comes out – which means a new email every day – to keep people checking up on the shirts and coming back for more. Every day is a surprise!

TeeFury has the game figured out; what lessons can your business learn from their marketing strategy?