It’s fair to say that the more targeted your marketing activities are towards your potential customer base, the more successful your marketing will be. The question is – have you discovered the most effective way in which to target your potential customer base yet?

If you haven’t already given it a whirl, I would seriously suggest utilising your social media channels to serve out highly targeted adverts. The information that social giants (such as Twitter and Facebook) have garnered about us is incredibly detailed. They know their users age, gender, hobbies and interests, geographical location, spending habits and friendship circles, to name but a few. These data rich media channels therefore provide a much smarter and more economical way to target your potential customers, than ever before!

Say for example that you wish to advertise to potential customers within a 20-mile radius of your company. A potential traditional solution would be to design and print a flyer and then organise a mail drop within your designated area. The combined costs of designing, printing and distributing said flier can get pretty pricey and if the creative of the flier isn’t quite right, then frankly there’s little you can do to rectify this once it’s with the distribution company.

On social media however, a highly refined audience based within a 20-mile radius of your business can be selected with just a few clicks of the mouse! Simply create your own adverts using free tools such as Pablo (see my previous blog) and then define the budget and audience that you wish to target within your chosen social media channel. What’s more, with social media advertising you can a/b test your campaigns using a variety of different audiences, creative and copy to see which gives you the best return on your investment. If a certain ad campaign is not performing well, you can view it in real time and switch it off, or tweak the targeting, creative or copy.

It’s important to note that the two key tricks to succeeding using this type of advertising is a) to start off investing small budgets and b) to taking a curious approach to testing out different approaches. With these two basic tricks up my sleeve, I recently obtained an average cost per link click of only 30p using a combination of Twitter and Facebook advertising to drive a highly targeted audience to a client’s webpage. The social campaign resulted in over 1,200 new newsletter sign-ups! If this stacks up well next to your current marketing approach, then why not try out some social media advertising for your business?! We’d love to hear how you get on!