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How Selfies Can Help Your Business Flourish… Seriously

Before I write this blog, let me take a selfie…selfie

Ok I’m good. To be honest, I absolutely abhor selfies. Only one type of selfie to be exact, the kind that feature little old me.

Take this gem for example. I always make some ridiculous face thinking the stupider I try to look, the less stupid I will seem. (And yes stupider is a word I know that was secretly bothering you)

The other day while trolling my Facebook news feed a surprising thought dawned on me as I scrolled passed selfie after selfie after shameless, narcissistic selfie… damn, I have some good looking friends.

Yes that, but more importantly, I came to the conclusion that selfies = power.

In other words:

*The Selfie is a Phenomenal Business Tool*

Think about how many times you’ve stopped to look at the selfie of someone you don’t even know. If you tell me you’ve never done that I would call you a bold faced liar. We’re drawn to selfies like mosquitoes to a bug zapper.

So, I brainstormed a few simple ways to (appropriately) incorporate selfies into your business because I truly believe it can do wonders for your marketing.

Behind the Scenes

Show off your workspace or job with a selfie. People loooooove feeling in-the-know so take them behind the scenes.

It could be sitting at your desk in the iconic Thinker pose or a shot of you with grease smeared across your face after a particularly tough job. You become more relatable with that silly photo of a coworker giving you bunny ears.

Let people into your world, show your human side, and they’re bound to come in to see it for themselves (in the flesh).


You standing with that old photo of your business from its first day open way back when is an opportunity for you to tell a story. Share the history of your company, its roots and what makes you unique.

Selfies also give you a platform to show off a new product or service. This introduction will give customers a chance to give you helpful feedback.

What could be better than free pre-launch insight from your target demographic? Uh, nothing, that’s what!

Promo Selfies

Invite your customers to take selfies while they’re using your product or service. Boom, you’ve got yourself instant, and better yet, FREE advertising. It’s called social proof, a digital high five of sorts for companies.

Take it a step further and have a contest… offer up a prize or promotion to those who share, tweet and post the best or most creative selfie. Then sit back and enjoy the steady stream of images featuring your labor of love… whatever awesomeness that may be.

Control Freaks Rejoice

Selfies allow you to control how everyone perceives you and your brand/company.

You hold all the power here since you are able to take photo after photo until you find that perfect image you’re happy to share with the online world.

If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em

Selfies help give your brand personality, period. If used correctly the selfie can most definitely add great value to your business.

Word to the wise though, don’t get too crazy and over-use the selfie. Choose wisely and think about your clients before posting. Will this photo benefit them in some way shape or form? Does this photo help them learn more about you and your product/service? If not, then drop the selfie stick like a bad habit and get back to work.

Have you used selfies to boost brand identity in your company? Share your experiences. If not, what’s been holding you back from jumping on the selfie bandwagon (maybe more appropriately called the selfie party bus)?