Sometimes, you come across a statistic or factoid and all you can think is, “Wait, what?”video marketing

This happened to me just recently, when I was looking at some numbers about the use of social media in the real estate industry. Apparently, if you’re in the real estate game, you’ve got at least an 84% chance of already using social media to advance your business, and that’s real smart for a realtor looking to get noticed.

However, there’s a strange thing about those statistics: apparently, only about 12% of you are using video marketing, even though both buyers and sellers overwhelmingly want video and trust it!

Given the gap between customers’ desires and the market’s response, it stands to wonder why video marketing has been so slow to get a foothold in real estate. I can only speculate as to the reasons, but either way, video is a great way to market homes, and something you should look at embracing.

Video Marketing To Move Homes

Things are looking better for the real estate market, but we’re not out of the woods yet. There are still a lot of houses on the market, and to sell them, you’ve got to let people know they’re out there and get them to fall in love. What better way of showing them how beautiful a home is than to capture it on video?

You don’t need a soundstage and professional equipment to put together promotional videos. You can do a good enough job with most smartphones or tablets these days, or with an inexpensive device like the Flip Phone. There are also plenty of free video editing suites to help you put it together after filming.

The most basic application, of course, would simply be a walkaround of the property, and that’s a fine place to start. However, if you want to spice it up, here are a few ways to make your real estate video marketing more effective.

Real Estate Video Marketing Tips

  • Sell yourself, not just the house: When you’re doing commentary on the house, remember that potential buyers (or listers) are also looking to see what you bring to the table. Establish yourself with a personality, and as someone who can be trusted. Make jokes, or show off how much you know about the area.
  • Include video of the neighborhood: Don’t just focus on the house, show some of the environment as well. Show how close it is to areas of interest, such as shopping or the local school.  The best case scenario is that someone will see your video and fall in love with the house and neighborhood without you doing anything else!
  • Get interactive: Don’t forget, videos no longer have to be static. Rather than a single walkaround, create an interactive video that allows visitors to move between rooms at their leisure, with choices at the end of each segment that correspond to which rooms they could walk to. (Sort of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.)
  • Use popup messages: It’s now easy to embed messages into your videos that pop up at predetermined points. It’s a great way to add extra information, such as marking what pieces come along with a pre-furnished house, for example. This is another nice place to throw in jokes to lighten up the tone.
  • Add social media links: Embedding clickable plugin elements is another good move for your online videos. If you keep your visitors clicking, they’re less likely to go elsewhere, and it makes it simple for them to share videos of houses they especially like and spread the word about you.

This one seems like a no-brainer: Both buyers and sellers in the real estate market want video, and not enough realtors are using it. If you’re looking to give your realty business a shot in the arm, this is the perfect time to start working video marketing into your strategies.