Grow your marketing career with a great new opportunity!

As a marketer, you have a challenging, yet rewarding role to take on. You must be cutting-edge and unique to stand out while being strategic so that your efforts attract the right type of attention. This applies to when you’re both, marketing yourself as a skilled expert and marketing your employer’s brand.

You may encounter a point in your career where your employer plans a major re-structure or downsizing in your organization. The possibility of being let go from your job is intimidating but if you take the right precautions and establish yourself as top talent, you’ll avoid being named on the list of layoffs. Top talent is generally individuals who are in the top ten percent of all employees based on performance.

Why Marketing Is the Best Place to Be for a Successful Career

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As an experienced marketing recruitment agency, we know there are countless factors that are outside of your control that can cause you to be laid off. However, there are various measures you can take to proactively protect the security of your job.

Let’s take a look at some ways to not only avoid rounds of layoffs, but also help you become an A-level employee and cultivate your marketing career for the long haul.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side

There are times when changing companies and jobs is the right move for your career. However, you do want to avoid jumping at a shiny new object (a new job opportunity, in this case) every time your job becomes difficult. While you may think job hopping is no big deal, transitioning and starting over at a new organization only to realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side can turn into a never-ending cycle.

You’ve gone through the process of onboarding and transitioning into your job. Give the position and yourself sufficient time to adjust and adapt, especially if you’re still in the early stages. Keeping an optimistic mindset and showing that you’re dedicated to your commitment proves that you are a valuable employee and team player.

If you’re looking to get promoted, know that you must invest enough time into the organization to prove your value and dedication to the business. Promotions are earned and it takes time to prove your value.

Those who are able to demonstrate their commitment to a job, spend adequate time and drive quantifiable success in each position (even when things get tough) are successfully able to boost their career forward and attracts the interests of employers.

Become a Lifelong Learner

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This is an obvious one but unless it’s a massive layoff of your entire department, your boss frankly has no reason to consider letting you go if you’re an A-level player and have skills that are extremely valuable to the business.

Being laid off doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad marketer. However, as a marketing talent agency, we know the marketers who are in the top 10% of performers within their discipline are much less likely to be impacted by a layoff.

You want to grow your career and continually move up. The best way is to be continually improving yourself. Become a lifelong learner by continuously learning and picking up new skills. Foster your capabilities so that your skills are modern, valuable, and indispensable in today’s digital age. Read articles, take online courses, watch webinars, and attend networking events to nourish and cultivate your skills through self-education.

Be optimistic and enthusiastic about learning and growing in your position. By becoming a marketer who is excited about helping the company grow with cutting-edge skills and who can produce results that no one else can, you become irreplaceable and hard to let go.

Analyze Your Performance

Evaluate your own performance against KPIs, and gauge areas where you’re falling short and can improve in. If you have things to work on, don’t wait until your manager notices and makes it an issue.

Ask for feedback on your performance from managers and colleagues on an ongoing basis. This gives you outside perspectives on your work and performance. You can ask for feedback and constructive criticism from your team anonymously if they feel more comfortable doing so.

If you’re going over and beyond your requirements and producing successful results, let it be known. This doesn’t mean that you’re bragging or showing off but rather that you’re demonstrating your hard-earned achievements.

Your colleagues are probably going out of their ways to market themselves and showcase their results to managers. Get credit for your ideas and hard work, and make sure the people who should know about it do! This is a great way to build your career and get that promotion you’ve always wanted.

Be Transparent

If you aren’t happy at work, communicate that with your boss. Don’t lead yourself to become unmotivated and let it affect your performance by not being transparent about how you feel about your position early on. A good leader will be open to hearing you out.

Explore different responsibilities or projects you can take on that you’re interested in. By delving into things you are excited about, you will be motivated to perform and put forth your best effort. This way, your boss will see the value of your contribution and perceive you as a critical part of the team.

Final Words

Take these steps to solidify the value you drive in your organization so that you’re not on any list of layoffs. Don’t take your current job for granted, and don’t be so quick to become unmotivated – if you leverage it properly, you will see the fruits of your labor pay off.

When you become the A-level player that every employer looks for, your chances of getting laid off decreases tremendously. More importantly, you’re able to foster your career and grow to be a top marketing expert every company would be ecstatic to have on their team!

Grow your marketing career with a great new opportunity!