When your job search drags out longer than expected, it’s difficult to stay motivated and keep pushing; especially when you constantly face silence and rejection from the other end.

As a marketing recruitment agency, we know the job search process takes quite a bit of time and effort. However, it’s important to remember that your hardship isn’t necessarily a reflection of your abilities or skills. There are many other factors like seasonality and the current state of the talent pool that can affect your chances of hearing back.

Staying optimistic is easier said than done when you’re facing spells of disappointment time after time. However, practicing these tips from marketing headhunters can help alleviate the pressures of a frustrating job search and help you maintain a positive outlook:

Create a Precise To-Do Checklist

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Create a daily checklist that guides you on what you need to get accomplished for the day. Doing so will keep you accountable and focused.

The more specific your goals are, the more likely you’ll get them accomplished. Having a set of broad objectives can cause you to easily lose sight of quick wins.

For example, make a list of three contacts you plan on reaching out to that day and the particular companies you need to follow up with. Smaller, quantifiable objectives that are easily attainable will contribute to a broader goal and give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose more quickly.

Keep track of your progress so you can review and analyze your efforts to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. This will help keep you organized and your mind clear during your job search.

Take Advantage of Your Connections

Are you attending any job fairs or networking events? Your connections are often the most valuable piece of your job search, and building more potentially meaningful relationships never hurts.

Go to events to meet other like-minded, creative marketing professionals. Use LinkedIn to find people who work in companies you’re interested in and see how they got there. Reach out to them and see if they have any advice. Hearing other people’s stories can inspire you and possibly introduce great, new opportunities.

Make sure you’re utilizing your current personal network of connections. Reach out to past managers or colleagues who have an understanding of your abilities. They can, therefore, help you stay motivated and open up new doors.

Take in Constructive Criticism

It never hurts to have another honest perspective of what you can do better during your job search.

Try asking people you know for advice and constructive criticism on areas you can improve on. Reach out to former colleagues or mentors that can appropriately help you assess weaknesses and things you struggle with. Based on their personal knowledge of your skills and strengths, they can give you specialized, candid advice.

Go a step further by utilizing a marketing recruitment agency that specializes in your specific industry. Recruiters can help you search for new opportunities and provide you with constructive feedback. Their support can help you stay focused and encouraged to keep going.

Take Online Classes

If you have an experience or skill gap that’s getting in the way of landing an interview, you can take charge and educate yourself. The internet offers an abundance of digital programs and courses marketers can use to learn new skills.

Hone in on a skill that you always wanted to work on, but never had time to. Take an online class that teaches you valuable skills to make you more attractive as an applicant. Doing so will help you stand out with employers and recruiters. Additionally, earning certifications through various online courses is extremely rewarding and valuable.

Take charge of your learning – lifelong learning is a key component of a successful career, no matter what industry you’re in.

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Listen to Your Passions

Having the technical skills to succeed in a job is one thing. However, passion is something that can’t be learned. Delve into opportunities and interests that help you satisfy your long-term career and personal goals.

Use the free time you have to reflect on your passions and things that inspire you. Going after something you truly enjoy can be all you need to stay motivated in a job search.

For instance, you may have a deep passion for giving back to the community and helping those in need. Take the time to volunteer at non-profit organizations. This can open up new doors that you didn’t think of before, and may lead you to consider pursuing a marketing career in the non-profit sector.

Directing your focus on your passion while looking for a job may lead you toward a different path, and lead you toward something bigger and better.


Hopefully, these tips will reinvigorate your motivation and give you the confidence you need to power through your job search.

If you find yourself losing motivation and enthusiasm during the job search process, know that you hold control of your future and career. Take full responsibility of your career development, and don’t give up. You could be one application away from landing the job of your dreams!