How Brands Are Using St. Patrick's Day in their Pinterest Marketing PlanWith St. Patrick’s Day upon us, we look into which brands are taking advantage of all the “green” pinning to help with their Pinterest marketing plan.

For basically any holiday there’s no need to look much further than Pinterest for the best ideas on food, decorations, drinks, invitations, etc. And, for a brand, it can be very lucrative to pin content related to the upcoming celebration. With St. Patrick’s Day fast upon us, we’ve found some great brands that are taking advantage of the holiday in their Pinterest marketing plan.


Known for posting funny, sharable content, BuzzFeed used Pinterest to promote their new post about which foods should NOT be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

BuzzFeed uses Pinterest to Promote their St. Patrick's Day Post


Epicurious, a site dedicated to the best in food, posted recipes that were related to St. Patrick’s Day but are not tied down by the celebration. Because they keep the caption related but broad, they will have a better chance of the pins showing up in non-St. Patrick’s Day related searches.

Epicurious Uses St. Patrick's Day as a Reason to Pin


Sephora used St. Patrick’s Day as a chance to engage with their fans on Pinterest. By creating the hashtag, #SephoraStPaddys, fans could take a picture of their St. Patrick’s Day inspired nail art and get a chance to have it shared by Sephora.

Sephora Used #SephoraStPaddys to Engage Fans for St. Patrick's Day

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens created a whole board in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. The board was placed in the top left position so users could quickly find it. Sticking with their persona of keeping the home life wonderful, they posted ideas on things to cook, drinks to concoct, decorations to make and craft’s easy enough for kids.

Better Homes & Gardens Created a New Board in Honor of St. Patty's Day


Even non-profit animal lovers, PETA, decided to get into the spirit of the day. However, they put their own twist on it. Their St. Patrick’s Day board promoted going vegan (including vegan beers!) and pledging to donate to mistreated animals.

PETA Used their St. Patrick's Day Board to Promote Donations

Urban Outfitters

As we proved in our fashion retail infographic, Urban Outfitters does a great job of utilizing Pinterest as a marketing platform. For St. Patrick’s Day they promoted their family friendly- and not so family friendly- styles for you to wear on the great green day.

Urban Outfitters Uses Pinterest to Promote St. Patrick's Day Apparel

Haven’t pinned any St.Patrick’s Day content? Don’t worry, there’s still time! Go ahead and pin your favorite green cocktail, a great green shirt or whatever else your brand uses to celebrate the day of the Irish. Have fun with, but make sure the content stays relevant to your audience. And if you miss it this time, there’s always another holiday around the corner.

May you have the luck of the Irish!