A Holiday Wish List From Sales to Marketing

Dear Marketing:

Because the holiday season is all about giving, the sales team thought you’d like to know what we want this year. We all agreed that we don’t want fruitcake, chocolates, bottles of booze, ties, or scarves, or even Starbucks gift cards. We want gifts that keep on giving—the kind that can make us money year round. What we really want is business-to-business telemarketing.

And we know that it’s better to give than receive. So we’re planning something special for you, too. We’re so excited about it that we’re breaking the news now. If you give us all the tools on our Holiday list, we’re going to work with you to achieve revenues beyond your wildest dreams.

Interested? Good, because here are the details on what we want.

Qualified Leads

You may have guessed this one because we’ve actually told you about this once or twice before. But we think there might have been some confusion. It’s not your fault because we talk a different language sometimes. When we say “qualified,” we don’t mean people who’ve landed on our website and casually entered their contact information into one of your enticing landing pages to download the latest white paper.

Why? I know it’s hard to believe, but a lot of those people aren’t interested in talking with us. They’re doing research. They’re checking out the competition. They might love what we’re offering, but they don’t have the money to pay for it. Or, perhaps they’re not authorized to make this kind of purchase. And, anyhow, they really don’t need our help for a few months.

Lead Nurturing

You’ve told us that some of these leads just need time. They need follow up and nurturing. In fact, we’ve heard that even though 95% of the people who visit a website are not interested in talking with us salespeople immediately, eventually 70% will buy from us or our competitors.

Could you nurture these leads? Send them relevant content, like white papers and case studies, and call them once in awhile to learn more about their needs and see how we can help. We’ve heard they may need 5-8 touches from our company before they’re ready to talk with us.

Do you really think we’re going coordinate and keep track of all that? We’re on-the-go people. We’re interested in the here and now. You guys in marketing live in the promise of the future. So we think you’d be much better at this task.

Clear Picture of Needs

While you build a relationship with these leads and transform them from initial suspects into eager prospects, you’re sure to learn a lot about them. Give us the scoop. That way we can design our sales presentations to their needs, showing them a value proposition that they can’t resist.

Happy Holidays

Your Sales Team

P.S. All we want is business-to-business telemarketing and we’re your faithful team forever.

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