four pies on a table
Just like the right pie adds the perfect touch to a holiday meal, a holiday on-hold message brings a festive mood to your marketing efforts.

Key Focus: Don’t forget to add a holiday flavor to your on hold marketing messages that is consistent with the rest of your holiday marketing touchpoints.

I almost went into shock the other day when I realized just how close we are to the end of the year. I don’t know about you, but I am a planner who tries hard to get all the details right for the holidays; from presents, to the food, to making sure the husband and kids resemble respectable humans when we go from house to house in our large family.

I obsess over details. Horribly.

Beyond all the gifts, trimmings, (and not letting the 7-year-old style her own hair in such a way that she looks like a possessed Fraggle) is the food. As I write this, my mouth already is watering over the turkey… the dressing… and, oh my stars, the PIE!

But it can’t be just any pie! Depending on your family’s traditions there might be pumpkin, sweet potato, coconut cream… you know the drill.¬â€ There are certain flavors that compliment the rest of the feast you and your loved ones have prepared.

Your on-hold marketing is like that. The current “flavor” of your on hold marketing messages might reflect a nice, summer day, but does it compliment the rest of the marketing campaign you have laid out through the holiday season and the end of the year? What about your print and other advertising? Are you gearing up to welcome holiday shoppers who will be spending money trying to get their own details and “flavor” correct?

There are tons of really great messages out there. However, the on hold marketing message that made callers want to spend money organizing for spring cleaning, vacationing this summer, or gearing up for back to school is not applicable now, regardless of how well-produced and creative it was. It might make someone listen and smile, but it won’t spur them into action.

On hold marketing that tells me you sympathize with my plight (like the Fraggle hair), or a new way of getting the turkey that perfect shade of golden brown; that’s what I’ll respond to now. Considering the fact that customers’ already are spending money working on that perfect holiday, it’s not too early to let them know that you’ve got them covered.

Check with your customer service rep to see how to add just the right flavor to your on hold marketing message for the holiday season. Do it soon, so you can start working on your pies.