Why Look for a Specialty Artist?

You’re an editor of a magazine and one of your writers has just written a spectacular piece of journalism. But you need an original infographic that is not only attractive, but also embellishes the points made in the article. So, how do you get one done?

Obviously, you will go looking for an artist who can do that – who can design using the specific style you are looking for, or the product – in this case, the infographic. Ideally, there should be such an artist already known to you, who you have worked with before and are comfortable working with.

If you don’t have an artist like that as yet, then be a specific as possible as go looking for someone who can do what you need. And since you want an infographic done, find an artist who has infographics in his or her portfolio.

How Hiring a Specialty Artist Can Help…

Yes, a majority of the artists can work in multiple styles and mediums, and should be able to do what you need adequately enough. But why not use someone who has experience at it and is passionate about it – this would add a touch of authenticity and class to the job, make it so much more special, and make your new issue a hit and your magazine the talk of the town.

It is little things such as these – an attention to detail – that make the difference between being good and being outstanding. I can do multiple things such as logos design and website, but my specialty is cartooning. That’s why most of my portfolio deals with cartooning, because that’s what I am truly adept at and confidence about.

What is in an artist’s portfolio is what they enjoy doing most and are the best at. That’s why you should be sure to ask an artist his or her specialty before hiring them. And if you feel that it’s a specialty that would be really useful to your organization, you should be prepared to pay top dollar to hold on to the artist.

The Devil You Know…

Sometimes, to put it crudely, it makes better sense to stick with the devil you know than one you don’t. If you are already using an artist you are happy with, try to use them first.

Most artists can branch out and create many different styles of artwork. Like how many musicians can play multiple instruments. If they can’t, they’ll be sure to tell you about it and even help you find another professional who can do what you’re looking for.

In this case the artist already has an excellent rapport with you and knows what you like. You liked something they did before and you will probably prefer their style rather than to take on to that of someone else that you find.

So how to decide when to hire a new specialty artist or to continue using the one who already works for you? There are no set rules for this, but if your project is part of a larger project you’re better off using the same artist

I get asked to do logos and websites all the time because I am already doing illustrations. In this case you are probably saving money and will most likely be using some illustrations in the web design and logo anyway.


So, if you already have an artist who has a great rapport with you, does the high quality work you expect and has excellent work ethic, continue to use them and stick with them for the long term for your projects. If you don’t have an artist, make sure you find the right artist who specializes in a style that is of the most importance to your organization, or something you currently need, on an urgent basis.