magictrickDo you ever play the party game, “Imagine that you could have just one super power.” You might say something like “fly through the air,” “read people’s thoughts,” or (a popular choice) “become invisible.”

That’s how copywriting works when you write a sales letter, landing page or blog post. You, the marketer, become invisible.

You probably know that website visitors make buying decisions based on copy — the words on the page. Your design and graphics have one function: to make it easier for visitors to read your words. When you ask Internet gurus – those making millions every year on the Internet – to name the most critical Internet marketing skill, just about every one of them will say, “Copywriting.”

The best copywriting makes you invisible.

You don’t need to write in invisible ink. But when readers go through your pages, they are not supposed to notice the writing. You lose their momentum when you draw attention to a clever phrase or magnificent metaphor.

See what just happened?

When you read, “magnificent metaphor,” you might have slowed down to think, “Nice!” or maybe you don’t like alliteration so you’d say, “Silly!”

But if I were writing a sales page, I wold probably change the phrase. I don’t want readers to stop to notice my words. I do want them to jump at the message – especially the benefits and value I want to communicate.

It’s especially hard for me to remember this guideline, because I am a metaphor junkie myself. Turn me loose and I’ll start writing about rocket ships blasting off, express lanes on the highway and much, much more. Sometimes a well-chosen metaphor works. More often, I have to fight off temptation and just explain what I’m offering in clear, simple words.

What are your challenges around creating landing pages and sales letters? Comment in the space below.

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