Call tracking has been around for a long time but to some it still sounds a bit like a dirty term. Bring up call tracking in a room of business owners and executives, marketing agency reps and consumers and you’re bound to get a variety of responses. For the consumer, it sets off alarms about their privacy. Meanwhile business owners get nervous about call reliability and the potential for technical problems that may prevent their customers from reaching them. Those in marketing, on the other hand, see call tracking as an opportunity to deliver valuable and actionable insights to their clients that can make a real difference in the bottom line. Call tracking done properly helps to:

  • Capture campaign performance insights
  • Shed light on the the full lead generation picture
  • Associate leads generated from nearly any source with offline sales

Leads are generated for businesses in a variety of ways. We’ve become quite good at both measuring and attributing directly to a source (or multiple sources) for some forms of lead generation; but what happens when the customer would rather just pick up the phone? Without call tracking there’s no insight into how customers found you and the opportunity to optimize your marketing efforts is lost. For some businesses, a significant percentage of leads are via a phone call; if you are not measuring those leads it can call into question the validity of any marketing performance analysis.

Call tracking can be implemented seamlessly for the consumer into nearly every touch point you have. Here are some of the places where call tracking can add a new layer to your analysis and lead to making smarter, more informed decisions about your marketing investment:

  • Website and Landing Pages
  • Search PPC Campaigns
  • Display Adverstising / Retargeting
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Local Search Listings
  • Social Media and Owned Social Assets
  • Any Offline Campaign (promo material, billboards, TV, radio, print, etc.)

In a future post we’ll discuss call tracking best practices and also share some insights we’ve gained that will help set you up for success with your future call tracking implementation!