The Mayo Clinic has begun conducting a series of tweet chats, which asks patients and healthcare providers alike to participate in idea generation (according to Healthcare Communication). The first topic was themed “The Patient of the Future.” In order to grow engagement with the chat, they utilized the hashtag #potf and encouraged interested parties to follow along and debate.

They asked three questions over the course of the tweet chat: 1) In the future, what will the #POTF expect from their provider? 2) In order to fit the needs of the #POTF, what changes in the health care system need to be made today? 3) What innovations in healthcare today will empower the #POTF and medical community, including physicians, medical students and patients?

In order to best showcase the answers, topics and references, the communications manager at Mayo created a page with Storify. This was able to help people who missed it, or those who wanted a recap, access the information more easily. Therefore, it was more than just a live stream of tweeting; it was a source of information for those that wanted to discuss healthcare issues via social media. So was the tweet chat a success? We think so, and the Mayo Clinic agrees, saying, “The value for our audience is a collaborative discussion that could challenge ideas that they might already have about health care. Plus, it makes you feel good to know that people are concerned about patients of the future.” They’re hosting another tomorrow, so be on the lookout for #MCCFI_HAIL, which will spur discussion from the Healthy Aging and Independent Living Lab.