Marketing: Bring your product to the market

software marketingNo matter what type of software your business has come up with, whether it is the latest up and coming video game, multimedia editing program or any other computer program for that matter, you have to be able to market it if you want it to survive.

One of the most difficult aspects of the software marketing process is that a lot gets lost in translation. If your product helps reduce people’s usage of data and makes their lives easier by helping to run their computers faster, say that and only that. You don’t have to wow people with huge statistics right off the bat.

The use of small graphics, illustrations and charts help customers visualize the changes your software program can bring. A side by side comparison of how your video game’s graphics look compared to similar games easily allows people to distinguish your products strengths without them having to read about how you were able to do it using words he or she might not understand.

Don’t get caught up using what some people call “geek speak” when discussing your new software. You want to use the simplest language possible in your marketing strategy and let your product speak for itself. If the proper marketing strategy is applied, this will happen automatically.

When it Doubt, Blow it Out

software marketingAs exited as you are for your new software program, not everyone is going to feel the same way, and that’s fine. You won’t necessarily win everyone over with your marketing strategy, but getting him or her to know your name is half the battle.

Small giveaways and free trials are excellent techniques companies can use in order to help boost awareness about their program. Video game companies often allow downloadable demos of their games before they come out. These demos allow potential customers to get a feel for the game in comparison to others and really allow them to form a good opinion of the game before they decide to buy it or not.

It is possible for gaming companies to simply put ads for their game coming out in video game magazines and on certain websites where gamers will see it, but allowing people to see your product in action for themselves allows them to answer their own questions without having to sift through your sea of specs about your game listed in reviews or articles.

This same tactic can be applied to other business as well. Coupons and other incentives are great ways to spark people’s interest about a product; it decreases the amount of risk that the customer has to take by choosing your program. Any chance where the customer has more to gain than to lose is a win is most people’s book.

It may not seem like the best marketing strategy to give your product away to people, but holding small events where people can see your software in action says a lot about your company as well as your product.

Intrepidity versus Stupidity

software marketingThe act of allowing people to experience something they never have before while insisting that it is going to make their lives better is a bold strategy. But in order to make a splash in an industry as competitive as software development, it’s necessary to avoid washing out as a company.

Being willing to give your product away through free trials, demos or other coupon style giveaways makes a statement to clients that you are confident that your product has the ability to stick in the competitive and ever changing software industry. It lets everyone know that you are confident in what you are bringing to the table and certain that once people have a taste, they will be coming back to get the real meal.

The key to any good marketing strategy, especially when it comes to trying to market new software, is that you cannot be afraid to get creative. Despite how much discipline it took and how meticulous it was to come up with your new piece of software, the fun part should be coming up with ways to seemingly give it away to people. Think about how fun it can be to tease those younger than you who don’t know any better. The same concept holds true when it comes to your new software marketing strategy. You have something new and awesome and as long as you display it in a way that shows how awesome it is, people are going to want it.

People always want the latest and greatest. If you exult the confidence that your new software is the latest and greatest and allow people to see it for themselves first, your latest invention will be the next big thing.

Photos by: @heyamberrae, Nemo and rstrawser