Mother’s Day is one of the biggest gift buying holidays of the year because no one wants to be left out in recognizing that special lady in their life. Every day is not a Mother’s Day, so it is important for business owners to make sure that they market this holiday in the best possible way for everyone to benefit. The customer finds the perfect gift and you find an increase in profit. By just putting in little bit of efforts, sprinkled with creativity you can stimulate your sales. It’s all about marketing ideas that are creative, exciting and attractive.

Key to a last minute Mother’s Day marketing:

  1. Offers for Mother’s Day- Offering discounts and running offers centered on special occasions might have become an old chestnut but it will always remain an effective strategy. Promotions like “A Gift for Mom” or “Here’s What Your Mom Will Love” offering amazing discounts are bound to attract customers. Websites will be flooded with attractive offers on Mother’s Day, so you have to make sure that your promotions are better than your competitors. Make the advertising big and bold on your website or in your store to attract attention. Think different and come up with a special Saturday offer, because that’s the day when most of the consumers will be out looking for gifts. Hit on your target customers, the kids, by offering them multiple discounts such as when you buy 2, get 1 free and any purchase over $50 saves the customer 10%. How about gift cards and complimentary gift packing service?
  2. Email marketing– Email marketing can be an effective tool for promoting your offers. Use it to promote both your deal and the special products you are offering on Mothers Day. Send your customers emails reminding them about the big day and advertise ‘early bird’ specials or send e-coupons throughout the week encouraging them to shop. An useful tactic of email marketing can be the use of captivating images of the products in offer. Use content that helps users to connect with your products by explaining them how your mom is just going to love this. Displaying a small directory of what you have in your list on Mother’s Day will also be appreciated.
  3. Promotion on social media: Provide easy to click links from your website to Facebook and Twitter accounts and encourage users to ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ about the great service, wide range of products and cost saving deals that they received at your place of business. Here are some ideas on how you can use different social media platforms to promote your Mother’s Day marketing deal:
    • Facebook: Post content centered around mothers on Facebook. The best posts can be images which can relate to Mother’s Day., because photos receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments than average posts. You can also consider fill in the blank posts as they attract 90% more engagement.
    • Google+: Keep a note of when Mother’s Day is trending on Google+ and include your content accordingly. Google+ posts can include an enticing image, links to interesting stuff, promotions, as well as videos.
    • Pinterest: Pinterest can also be a powerful tool for social promotions on Mother’s Day. If you use it smartly you can turn Mother’s Day as the perfect occasion to capitalize on Pinterest. You can create a special ‘Mother’s Day Board’ and ask people to pin the best looks their mothers have worn till now. Don’t forget that a lot of people use Pinterest for gift ideas, sharing photos of gifts they have bought for others and to research on gifts they are considering to buy.
    • Twitter: Make sure that your tweets are interesting enough to attract the attention of your audience. Users are more likely to engage with tweets having hashtags #mothersday and #bts, standing for “behind the scenes.” If you have a lot of followers on Twitter, tweet 2-3 times a day with a gap of at least a few hours between them. Another great idea can be creating your own hashtag for the occasion. You can also drive more engagement by encouraging your followers to share their funniest, weirdest or wisest adages by their mom.
  4. Exclusively designed products and special services – There will always be those shoppers that don’t know what to get their mom and need help putting together the perfect assortment. Offer pre-made gift baskets or allow them to mix and match certain items and choose the delivery container. For example, a variety of bath products, stuffed animals and chocolate and then they can choose a nicely decorated box, a basket or a mug/glass container. This gives them the freedom to create the overall gift but makes it easy enough not to be overwhelming. Make sure that you price the package at a discounted rate than if they bought everything separately.
  5. Run a contest – Contests are a great way to get current customers and their friends involved especially when you ask them to share stories and pictures about their mom. Remind them that ‘mom’ includes any influential female in their life not just the biological position. There may be those that want to buy for the grandmother, aunt or special teacher that had an impact in making a difference in their life. Keep it flexible. Determine how far in advance you want to start the contest, have a daily (or twice a day) winner and then have an ultimate prize winner. The ultimate ‘mom’ winner could receive a shopping credit for a predetermined amount. You can also hold a contest via Twitter or Facebook for a free gift for mom.
  6. Market until the very last minute because there will always be those last minute individuals – The key here is to make things easier than your competition does for this crowd. The stores are always busy during the holiday weekend because they put the shopping off and now they have to get it done. They are usually busy and in a hurry so they will look for stores that keep things simple and easy for the buyer. Gift cards, free shipping when they buy a minimum amount of products, free gift wrapping, even personalization for designated products over a certain price amount. This makes the gift special without them having to put in too much extra effort.
  7. Think outside the box – Mother’s Day happens every year and some people like to shake things up and do things different than what they did the year before. Offer unique services like mother/daughter pictures taken at the store or caricature sketches since they can be more unique and unusual. Work with another on-line or local store that carries items you do not and advertise combination packages or discounts. If you buy $50 from one store then you receive a $10 gift card to the other store. This will promote you and the other business without undercutting sales for either one. Mothers like to be pampered so if possible, hire a massage therapist to provide a 10-15 minute neck massage, have a free mini makeover display set up or offer fruit and champagne or a light cocktail. The nicer and happier they feel the more they may spend!

Whether you plan for this all year long or jump in at the last minute, decide what works best for you and get your company involved. It doesn’t matter what your store offers because there is a ‘mom’ that will enjoy it. Promote everywhere that you can afford to such as radio, TV, social media, and in and out of the store and make your business the place to be for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

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