Many marketing professionals use Google Sheets almost every day. Some may even go as far as to say they live and breathe Google Sheets. But for others, they may avoid Google Sheets because they feel it doesn’t offer all the capabilities they need. Fortunately, Google has Add-Ons, or, simple extensions that advance the functionality of the product.

That’s right – even more help for creating, managing, and analyzing your marketing efforts. At LyntonWeb, we are fans of Google Add-Ons. Here is a list of some of the best add-ons to make your job easier. Be forewarned: You may never leave Google Sheets again!

Google Analytics

We’d be remiss not to mention the Add-On of a tool almost every marketer uses: Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add On combines the power of the analytics API with the force of data manipulation of Google Spreadsheets. You can save time in your reporting efforts by building multi-platform dashboards that include custom calculations, data visualizations, and more.


If you run a variety of ads across a spectrum of platforms, the AdStage Add-On may be the plugin for you. AdStage lets you add your paid performance data from Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, PPC, and more into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. You can quickly and easily create stunning reports that you can share with your team, so everyone is aware of your ads’ performances. Then, you can know whether to update an ad’s language, put more money into another, or nix one altogether.

Data Everywhere

It’s almost 2020. Your data and analytics are housed in a multitude of places. With the Data Everywhere Add-On, you can share data between Excel, your local database, your Salesforce CRM, and Google Sheets. The best part? You don’t have to import or export a single spreadsheet. When you’re ready, you can publish and share your data with anyone.

Search Analytics for Sheets

The Search Analytics for Sheets Add-On lets you retrieve data and create backups from the Google Search Console straight into Google Sheets. That includes data such as query, page, clicks, and other critical on-demand data from any of your verified websites. It also allows for unlimited backups of your sheets.


Do you need to merge two tables from Google Sheets into one? With the Merge Add-On, you can combine two sheets based on common columns to find common themes in your data, resulting in saved time and effort.


The SuperMetrics Add-On takes Google Sheets and transforms it into a robust business reporting system for your SEM, SEO, web analytics, social media, and other marketing efforts. You can use it to get metrics from over 50 sources, then create reports with its pre-made templates. The Add-On also allows you to share with people across your company as well as send scheduled emails.


Want to make the tables in your Google Sheets a little more exciting? TableStyles lets you apply a uniform style to all your tables in one click. Select from a variety of the Add-On’s predefined styles or create your custom themes. Elements you can edit include font, size, border, and alignment.


Manually searching your webpages for broken links, duplicate titles, and more can take countless hours. CheckBot can crawl 100s of pages in minutes for just that plus SEO, page speed, security issues, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, redirect chains, mixed content errors, and more. The Add-On also offers best practices for SEO, page speed, and web security.

Best Diagram Tool

This Add-On lets users create a variety of diagrams, including flowcharts, network diagrams, ER diagrams, BPMN, UML, and more. You can also import diagrams from other tools and build upon them using


The BigML Add-On uses machine learning models and clusters to fill in the blanks in your Google Spreadsheets. It fills in the columns by predicting missing values by using its unique tree models. For example, if you create a spreadsheet with prospective customers, you can populate their lead score values in a new column with BigML.

Da Vinci Tools

Da Vinci Tools enhances your experience with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, and Data Studio by leveraging the power of Trello to bring rich annotations across these platforms. For instance, Da Vinci Tools brings Table Heat Maps to Google Ads and Google Analytics. It also has interface shortcuts for Google Tag Manager and auto-refreshes Data Studio at a more desirable interval.


AutoCrat is a multi-purpose document merging tool that automates the creation and sharing of personalized documents. With it, you can convert your Google Sheets to PDFs and more. It also enables you to share and style your data with people across your company.


We’re all guilty of having dozens upon dozens of tabs open. And sometimes, those tabs are not necessarily the most productive. However, TableSnooze lets you save articles, videos, and to-dos from your tabs for later. The add-on will reopen them all when you need them so you can stay on task when it matters most.


One of a marketer’s worst nightmares? A typo in an email subject line. The Grammarly Add-On helps with everything from grammar and spelling to style and tone. You’ll eliminate writing errors across Gmail, Word, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn – and everywhere else you find yourself writing.

What’s Your Favorite?

Our list is just a small sampling of the numerous Add-Ons you can use with Google Sheets. With that being said, what are your favorites? Tweet us at @lyntonweb with the ones that help save you the most time!