Google Think InsightsGoogle is by far the largest mover and shaker in online marketing. Their control of the search market, their successful Google AdWords program, and their general influence over the internet means people, businesses, and agencies pay attention to Google. Late yesterday they launched a new service for the very people that need to pay attention to Google: marketers and advertisers.

Think Insights to Stay Up to Date

Yesterday afternoon Google posted on their blog news about Think Insights. Essentially, Think Insights is “Google’s hub for marketing insights and inspiration for advertisers and agencies.” Thanks for thinking of us, Google! You would think they’d have done this a few years ago, but hey, I’m not complaining. Better late than never, right?

Google is planning to have weekly features that cover a variety of pertinent topics to marketers and agencies. No doubt this will be good information – it’s Google, after all. Anyway, they’ve already linked three different stories in their blog post: Understanding the Full Value of Mobile, the Hyundai Elantra: Driveway Decision Maker, and YouTube Ads Leaderboard. Each post is well written with media and informative data to back up their claims. I especially recommend the post covering the full value of mobile where they cover a campaign to drive sales to brick-and-mortar Adidas stores.

Think Insights in More Detail

Over at The Social Media Hat, Mike Allton has an in-depth write-up of Think Insights covering what marketers and agencies can expect from the service. Think Insights has a perspectives section which features the above linked articles, but also has a lot more to offer.

Within Perspectives, you can check out industry-specific information, as well as “webinars, research, ad campaigns, infographics, interviews, playbooks, tools and more.” Even more exciting is the Creative Sandbox which provides the opportunity to take a look at ad campaigns that are currently running or are in development.

Additionally, there’s another section which Mike covers in detail: The Planning Tools area under Think Insights Products and Tools section. This area has some great tools you can use right away. Included in the tools are a Real-Time Insights Finder, Brand Impressions, Our Mobile Planet Tool, GoMoMeter, Google Consumer Surveys, Google Trends, and more. Expect Google to continue to update these and provide great information on a regular basis.

Be sure to check out Think Insights as soon as you can, there’s much more on the site than I had room to mention here. It’s worth reading through and adding to your list of sights you check every day, because you can bet there always will be more information to find on the site!

A Welcome Move by Google

I have a feeling Google Insights will be warmly accepted by the online marketing community. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen more posts and news articles about the announcement from yesterday. It’s a smart move for Google; they provide quality information and resources while also being able to tout the services they provide for online marketers and agencies. It’s a fairly win-win situation. So do yourself a favor and check out the site, then tell us what you think!

What do you think of Think Insights? Will Think Insights be a source of online marketing information for you?