Mobile Marketing Campaigns are a Must Today

Mobile marketing campaigns are reaching a growing audience which means one of two things for your company’s content marketing strategy. As mobile is only increasing in usage, companies can adapt to it and increase their consumer base. Alternatively, they can remain in their current desktop-oriented strategies and eventually see erosion of their client audience.

Since 2009, consumption time on mobile among has tripled among Americans and now accounts for 12% of all media consumption. With little reason to project a downturn in this trend, companies that grasp the need to adapt now will be that far ahead of the competition in a few years.

Why Use Mobile Marketing?

A study by Outbrain revealed that mobile devices are taking a slice out of the pie of content delivery enjoyed on desktop. Though 82% is still accessed by desktops, the remaining 18% is being accessed by more mobile means, with 10% by mobile devices and 8% by tablets. How many companies can afford to write off 10% of their consumer base?

In a Google study, 72% of respondents stated that mobile optimized sites were important to them. Yet, at the same time, only 27% of brands have such sites. Never before has the need to build mobile optimized sites and content been more apparent.

Mobile Marketing: A Driving Force

Further more, almost half (46%) of the people conducting searches use a mobile device exclusively. Mobile marketing is driving the critical need for content providers to offer their products optimized for mobile.

Mobile use is also related to the amount of time an American spends in the daily commute. In a nation of commuters, this correlation between commute time and mobile consumption cannot be overlooked. In terms of sales, mobile commerce was expected to represent 24% of total e-commerce sales last year.

Future Growth of Mobile Campaign Needs

With media consumption patterns and mobile usage changing, the need for mobile access is only going to continue its growth. The fact remains – to be competitive, companies providing content must rise to the challenge of mobile. Although the desktop is not headed for the endangered species list, the mobile device will be used increasingly to augment its uses.

Beyond content, the convenience of making purchases in our mobile age means consumers can make unlimited purchases with a few clicks. Marketers need to take advantage of this by promoting their brands, products or store on that same mobile device.

By making their content compatible across all devices and distributing platforms, marketers can capitalize on their audience. So continuing to amplify your Outbrain content via desktop only means you’re missing out on reaching a larger audience across devices.

Got mobile-optimized content? Take advantage and start a mobile marketing campaign today.